With over 15 years behind the lens, our chief photographer has a deep passion for creating high quality images. Advanced technical knowledge of equipment, conditions, psychological principles, and geometry has developed into an intuitive mechanism for the creation of unique, high caliber images. Whether the studio is a comfortable, controlled setting, or a dangerous, unpredictable environment, we are equipped and experienced.
​The results will leave outstanding impressions that strengthen and characterize your project.
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Just like our photography, our chief cameraman is an expert when it comes to moving images as well. Certified in broadcast media from New York University, we can deliver video in any of the required formats and meet quality standards that broadcasters request. We can also deliver custom formatted videos for your website allowing quick playback with great quality
​With plenty of experience we can create captivating video on the fly during fast paced events so you can mingle in your realm while we direct our scene.

Editing & Motion Graphic Design
Certified in broadcast media from New York University, we can edit and deliver video in any of the required international standards, formats, and meet the technical specifications that television broadcasters request. We can also optimize videos in various specifications for your website, youtube, or social media platforms.

Motion graphics have become an essential asset to video post production. Adding animated logos, titles, and effects to your project can be a vital factor
for creating a dynamic video to keep your audience stimulated.


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