Saturday, October 10
11 PM
JL. Cemplung Tanduk Kuta

General Entry 100k
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NIMA GORJI (Welt Recordings / ES )

All stories must have a beginning and for Nima it began after listening to artists such as Depeche Mode that the tone was set and the realization that this world was for him, a life of electronic music, machines, turntables and clubs.

In 2005 Nima made the decision to move away from his base in Denmark and make for a new one on the island of Ibiza in Spain, where he soon established himself in the local scene with residencies for What’s Up at the famous terrace at Space, for Ibiza Underground, Monza and now Next Wave.

His music productions continued to gain grounds on labels such as Out Of Orbit, Love Letters From Oslo, Cecille, Murmur and Suburban Tracks. Currently Nima is building up his label Welt Recordings along with new label NG Trax and expanding an ever busy DJ scheduled with tours and gigs lined up around the globe.

His music and passion behind the decks continue to stir the imagination and hearts of those who truly appreciate and understand what good music is; what runs in the veins runs true and very deep.

Dan Baartz

James Taylor


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