Mano Seaside.
JL Petitenget
December 31 2015

Join us for a Double Countdown to the Eclipse Festival 2016 and the New Year in Bali!

This is the official Bali pre-party for the Eclipse Festival 2016 taking place on New Years Eve at Mano Seaside sunset beachfront location.

Dance into the New Year with special guest and hypnotic techno legend and pioneer Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue / Son Kite / Nobody Home gracing the decks for a special long set in what promises to be an unforgettable musical journey.

The Interstellar crew, organisers of the Eclipse Festival 2016 are taking charge of the venue production to ensure maximum comfort on the dancefloor rain or shine and equipping the venue with top of the line d&b audiotechnik sound.

So come, gather, and discuss your eclipse missions and dance into 2016 with us on the island of the gods as we approach the galactic shift of a total solar eclipse on her sister island, Sulawesi this coming March.

MarcusHenriksson aka Son Kite / Minilogue – Iboga Records/ Cocoon Recordings (SE)

Since 1997, Marcus has been producing music under the name Son Kite and Minilogue together with Sebastian Mullaert. Their career as Son Kite took a quick start when they released their first album in 1999. They were suddenly playing at clubs and festivals worldwide; mostly in “trance” parties even though they themselves never put their music under the style “trance”.

Everything comes in its own time: a wordly wisdom that Minilogue doesn’t take for granted. Since their foundation years, they have emerged as one of the most respected and hard to pigeonhole electronic music acts world-wide. Not only because in each of their artistic expressions you can feel their effortless passion for what they do – whether live or magnetised on a medium but also because they do not stick to any stylistic niche to mark their territory. House, techno, ambient, trance, and lately jazz are equal parts in their creations.

After 16 years together, Marcus & Sebastien are taking a break from Son Kite & Minilogue to focus on other projects & solo work.

As a producer, Marcus vision is to create an environment for the listener’s inner journey. He knows it takes time and courage to enter oneself and to fully accept what will be put in the light.
With his new moniker, Nobody Home, and the launch of his label, Home Records; we cannot wait to hear what is coming up next from Marcus Henriksson.

Letting go of ones expectations, projections and fears is not always “easy”. But when we let ourselves loose and leave all behind we can finally meet our true self.

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Interstellar Crew

VJ Tengu
Punkadelik aka Quantic Structuralism

Eclipse Festival 2016 Ticket Holders : IDR 250,000 (+bf)
Online pre Sale : IDR 350,000 (+bf)
Door : IDR 500,000
After Midnight : IDR 350,000

Buy online:

Buy in Bali :
Ubud area – La RaMona Tapas ` Kismet
Seminyak area – Mano Seaside

* all bottles upgradable to other types / brands of liquor. Extra charge applies

2 tickets
1 bottle of Proseco
1 reserved romantic scenic spot
IDR 2,000,000

4 tickets
1 bottle of Smirnoff Vodka* + mixers
1 reserved table
IDR 3,000,000

6 tickets
1 bottle of Smirnoff Vodka* + mixers
1 bottle of Proseco
1 reserved table
IDR 5,000,000

8 tickets
2 bottles of Smirnoff Vodka* + mixers
1 reserved table
IDR 6,000,000

10 tickets
3 bottles of Smirnoff Vodka* + mixers
1 reserved table
IDR 8,000,000

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