Wednesday, 20 April 2016
Jalan Camplung Tanduk, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia 80361

aaand… We. Are. Back! in full swing!
House with swing rhythm to be more specific.

This time we’re colaborating with Ashram bringing freshness!

This year #pnny will be flying in some of the most acclaimed house producers in the global underground house and disco scene to Bali. We aim to bring back that intimate villa party vibe sounds on an international level. The night is called “Disco Liaison” and its happening next week Wednesday at KOH (20th of April).

I know these guys wont need an introduction but just incase you don’t know about them I suggest you start hitting some key strokes and ask google how bad ass they really are.

First to mention… Hailing from France, Pablo Valentino. He’s the founder of FACES Records and MCDE Labels. That’s Motor City Drum Ensemble just incase you didn’t figure out the abbreviation. We had Pablo play his tunes last year and word on the street is that it was the best pool party in Bali all thanks to his music. Just sayin’…

Also controlling that A&H mixer will be Dicky Trisco. Don’t let his name trick you into thinking he’s not a funk to be recon with. If your into UK disco then you should be onto his sounds by now. https://soundcloud.com/dicky-trisco

Just to add even more magic to the night will be Magic Touch from the United States. His house grooves reminds us of those classic summer house parties that are truly and undoubtedly… magic! https://soundcloud.com/magic_touch

Pre-sale tickets will be selling at The Straw Hut, Swich Sandwiches (All Counters), Sushimi Seminyak and Babi Bagus!! Grab ’em fast, only a limited amount are out!


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