Monday, August 20th, 2018
Jl. ayu Aya no.9, Seminyak, Bali

Doors Open : 16:30

Your monday just got a whole lot better courtesy of Satin Jackets and KU DE TA From 4:30pm onwards the place to be for a up close and personal affair with the biggest act in #nudisco right now.⠀

Check our interview with Satin Jackets ahead of this Monday show here.

Satin Jackets

Bernhardt started Satin Jackets about five years ago as a side project from his normal producing duties. He began to receive some booking inquiries for various shows, so he reached out to a good friend of his, Den Ishu, to handle the live performances. Bernhardt writes the music and Ishu puts the song stems into the Ableton mixing software, takes along some synthesizers and other effects, and rearranges them all for the club while performing in the special “Mr. Satin Jackets” mask.


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