Recently, Bali Eco Warrior Halim Arde caught up with Arvin from Kopernik organization who are directly connected with the World Health Organisation.
Working with emergency response and past projects such as the Lombok Earthquakes and Sulewasi Tsunami is just some of their past work. Arvin’s family has a long history of building affordable healthcare services for the local community. Kopernik are a non-government funded project, right now they are working on developing products for the frontline health workers. Via their online seminar, they firstly explained what they are up to right now and a lot of public education on what’s happening right now. As the seminar progresses we get deeper into what the club sector can do right now to contribute and brainstorm some more ideas! Check the video right now as its full of great news, progress and what exactly is going on right now around Bali. The Kopernik guys are doing a huge push right now and need all the help they can get! Get involved and let’s unite together in this stop of the spread where ever we can.

Eco-conscious warrior and Rainforest Pavilion co-founder. Halim is on a mission to change the world through the power of electronic music. Raising funds and spreading awareness one dancefloor at a time, Halim supports protecting Indonesia’s rainforests, ocean cleanups and protecting society’s orphans through educational programs. On top of all that he has played alongside Richie Hawtin, Black Coffee, Claptone, Tiestö, Above & Beyond, Paji, Solardo, Mark Fanciulli, Duke Dumont among others, while being one of the residents of Omnia Day Club Bali and has performed at Burning Man USA with the Indonesian honorary art project Digital Dalang. Halim prides himself on being a DJ for any occasion from sunset to the afters. Finding his sound firmly in house music with leanings towards trippy sounds and darker shades of techno, and is a staunch supporter of Indonesian producers and the music scene by regularly playing their tracks and inviting them for gigs together.
From Indonesia to the world, let Halim take you on a tech-filled fantastic journey!

2020 has brought on a unique set of challenges that our industry wasn’t quite prepared for. As a community, we can come together to help everyone so that we can return to some type of normal.

The only way this will happen is if we collectively stop the spread of COVID-19 and prepare our frontline emergency workers for any kind of pandemic outbreak. Besides being good for humanity it will also be for Bali and returning to the tourist paradise full of world Travelers, where our businesses thrive.

This call to action is open to any ideas and any form of involvement. No idea too small, nor no scheme too grand. Any form of help is good for everyone.

These ideas are not definite and are open to suggestions or modifications in any way.

Cash donation – KOPERNIK is spearheading the NGOs emergency response program that prepares frontline medical workers for a pandemic outbreak, if you want to donate directly you can to: bit.ly/amandaricovid19

Hotels – hotels can donate soaps, personal hygiene kits or any sanitation supplies.
*If branded could be your marketing campaign.
The donation can be donated through KOPERNIK and they have a tracking system for all donations that target the areas that need it the most.

F&B – Any unused food should be donated at this time instead of going to waste.
● Scholars of Sustenance

SoS have been doing amazing work delivering unused food to the North regions of Bali.
Food donation to the less fortunate is a great practice, having a nasi bungkus giveaway outside your restaurant could be a suggestion.

Graphic designers – donate your skills to help create flyers promoting healthy living, staying home, wearing masks, social distancing and other World Health Organization recommendations. Please create Indonesian language artwork as well.

Venues – use your marketing billboards or online media as a chance to promote World Health organization recommendations.
*Could be a marketing campaign as part of your branded material.
Please include the Indonesian language on all material.
Bali C19 Group has been doing this work and have a great template to follow. Please reach out to them for more info.

Fashion – If your garment shops could get on to the production of face masks. Face masks will become mandatory in this upcoming week.

Influencers and promoters – Share to your feed & network positive factual information provided by the World Health organization or Indonesian governing bodies.

All information about healthy practices can be found online at the who website and Indonesia’s COVID-19 website. Organizations that can help with extra information are KOPERNIK and can be reached at Kopernik@kopernik.info
Or Bali’s biggest community group working together: Bali C19 Solidarity on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/534295604134915/

Please reach out if you have ideas that could benefit the community. also feel free to suggest your own services or ask about different ways you can help.
Again this is a call to action so that we can aid in the greater good and help revive our industry.

Our Call To Action:
Coming together as a community.
A call to Bali’s entertainment, hospitality, F&B, nightlife and tourism industry.


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