Although the COVID-19 pandemic has effectively put the live music industry on hold, many artists are using their platform and streaming technology to both entertain fans stuck at home and raise money for charity. David Guetta took things to the next level with Saturday’s United at Home live stream. Eschewing the use of an indoor setup, which the vast majority of DJs have utilized, he performed outdoors in Miami with festival-grade production. Through his efforts, he was able to garner over 12 million viewers online and raise $700,000 for a number of COVID-19 relief foundations.

Due to the performance’s location, many people in the surrounding apartments were able to watch him play from the comfort of their own balconies. In addition to the special guests featured on the stream, the camera frequently zoomed in on various Miami locals dancing along.

The French EDM superstar shared a statement describing how happy he was with both the gargantuan turnout and the astonishing amount of donations.

With the $700,000 raised, 1.7 million meals will be able to be distributed to South Florida residents, conditions for healthcare workers will be improved, and vaccine and testing efforts can be sped up alongside other life-saving research.

David Guetta’s United at Home live stream took place on April 18th at the Icon Brickell in Miami. To donate to the COVID-19 relief foundations featured during the massive outdoor performance, head over to the donation page on his website here.


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