The masked mau5 has teamed up with The Neptunes, the celebrated production duo of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, for his new single.

‘Pomegranate’ possesses the bouncy funk flair we’ve come to expect from Pharrell, and especially reminiscent of his various Daft Punk collabs, but it’s new territory for Deadmau5.

The track leans closer to the realm of silky RnB-pop than the festival-ready EDM the American producer’s made his name on.

But hey, it works, and it’s definitely a grower. You’ll have Pharrell’s high-pitched vocals rattling around your head in no time.

If clubs were allowed to be open right now, ‘Pomegranate’ would be getting rinsed, for sure. For now, our loungerooms will have to do. Listen below.

Word is that Deadmau5 recorded the track in secret back in December, during a session at The Neptunes’ Criteria Recording Studios in Miami. That’ll explain the track’s beachy aura.

There was no mention of the collaboration when, in January, Chad Hugo revealed in an interview that The Neptunes were back up and running, and had been working with the likes of Jay-Z, Blink-182 and Lil Uzi Vert.

Having produced some of the biggest RnB and hip-hop joints of the past two decades – as well as their own group N.E.R.D. – it’s a big deal whenever Hugo and Pharrell decide to officially stamp a track with The Neptunes name.

Plus, please bask in the DGAF energy of the duo’s new ‘press photo’ in all its lo-res glory.

Released through the mau5trap label, ‘Pomegranate’ will feature on Deadmau5’s next studio album.

Though he released a handful of singles and remixes last year, it’s the prodcuer’s first proper studio album since 2016’s W:/2016Album/ and 2018’s Where’s The Drop?, a compilation of orchestral versions of his biggest tracks.


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