Him_Self_Her – What’s it all about ?

1. You have ideally one of the most logistical stage names in the history of Female / Male duos and arguably the hottest act going right now signed to super labels like Crosstown Rebels and Defected. Who come up with the title and can you tell us some of the others you discussed before making the final decision?
Ahhh.. thank you! We actually spent a LONG time trying to decide on our name – we knew we wanted something that represented the fact that we were a male/female duo, but not be too obvious about it. We also wanted to get across the fact that we both have our own strong individual identity as well. We tried a load of different combinations and spent a couple of weeks just saying them out loud, trying them out on people and also pretending we could hear Pete Tong announcing us on the radio, haha. We kept coming back to Him_Self_Her every time and we are really pleased with how unique it is.

2. Before that magic moment back in Leicester where you both come from in the UK and you formed the project can you tell us a bit more about your background as solo artists and what each of you bring as individuals to each studio session? We had both been DJing for over 10 years on the house scene in and around our home town. We got to know each other through playing on the same line ups and eventually decided that we should jump in the studio to make some music and also put on our own night so we could play our tunes out to a crowd. It all just started out as a bit of fun in the beginning but we soon realised that the material was pretty strong and so we decided to make it an official partnership. We actually have quite different musical backgrounds, but this is definitely a bonus when working together as we both approach each project from a slightly different angle and makes it easier to bounce ideas off each other when we get stuck or need inspiration.

3. “Gone To Long’ is a massive hit here in Bali and still is this season, when Jamie Jones and Pete Tong champion your track you know that its something special, did you ever think that it would become such a worldwide hit? there is rumours of a massive remix package coming real soon, can you share some more information on who some of the enlisted remix artists are?
It’s crazy how well that track has done – we knew when we made it that we had something special, but we never realised just how big it would be! A lot of this comes down to the distinctive vocal performance from Kieran Fowkes. He is a real undiscovered talent that we were lucky enough to work with, and his voice makes the track really unique. It has actually already been re-released, with two solid remixes, from Yousef and Compuphonic. We now have a follow up single, with the same vocalist, coming out on Crosstown Rebels in early September, with remixes from Francesca Lombardo and Psychemagic. It has a real ‘Gone Too Long’ flavour about it and we are really, really excited for everyone to hear it – previews will be up soon so keep a look out for that one!

4. You first time in Bali? Tell us more of what you have heard about Bali as a place for a holiday and the thriving club scene here.
Yes it is and the excitement is building! Bali obviously has a reputation for being the ultimate holiday destination and surfing spot. Friends that have been there have told us how amazing it is and we have also heard a rumour that the parties can be pretty crazy too!

5. Whats next for HSH?
Obviously the new Crosstown Rebels release is the main focus at the moment and we are also working on album material for them on an on going basis. We are also working hard on the launch of our own record label, which we hope will be up and running later this year. We have some really cool releases lined up for that, with material from ourselves, some big names and also some undiscovered producers. The gig schedule is also super busy, which is great! We have shows coming up all over the UK and Europe in the next few months, including Manchester, Edinburgh, Zurich, a couple of cheeky festivals and of course, Australia and Bali. See you all on a dancefloor somewhere


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