Joel Fletcher & that Melbourne Bounce

In just a few short years you have gone from DJing in your bedroom to mainstage festival superstar, along with a few other Australian DJS right now your clearing a path for so many more
producers from down your way. Who are some of the next Australian DJS you think that will crack the marketing overseas and importantly in America before the year is out? What sets these guys apart from many others trying to so hard to make the next step?

I think J-Trick and SCNDL will be the next ones to crack the overseas market, the boys are killing it, getting their records played by all the big guys so watch that space!!

You have already achieved such a amazing amount of milestones in your short career and most notably going triple platinum in Australia, please tell us about some of your other most treasured
achievements to date and any personal goals you have set yourself in the near future?

One of my goals was to play main stage at Australia’s biggest music festival which thankfully happened last year! And I am doing the national tour this year at stereosonic playing mainstage
which I’m so excited about! also another one of my goals was to start touring globally, I’ve just recently toured America and Europe so that was a huge achievement for me!

Is music something you learnt thru school or something you have picked up along the way? Can you tell us about your home studio? how it compares with what you first started with? What you’re
writing with on the road and what’s the next purchase of technology in Joel Fletchers studio?

I played drums from a young age, the whole of my dad’s side of the family are musicians so music is pretty much in my blood! My home studio is pretty basic, I’ve pretty much only upgraded
my monitors and soundcard from when I first started. A wise man once told me it’s all about the ear not the gear. My next purchase will be the Virus TI I think!

In your spare time (if you actually have any) what do you like to do with yourself away from music? any hobbies? Anything you used to really enjoy but now dont seem to able to find the time?
In my spare time I like to spend it with friends and family. that’s the most important thing to me in life! when your on the road you don’t see them often so that’s my priority when I have time off!

Can you define what Melbourne Bounce is for us and what makes a really good Melbourne bounce track? Where do you see the genre heading and evolving to and where do you think it evolved from?
Melbourne bounce came from a minimal/techno vibe. my good friends Orkestrated were the founders of the original Melbourne sound. it’s progressed a lot since back then, it has more of a dirty Dutch vibe now, but still with the minimal baseline! it’s a fun and energetic sound that is guaranteed to get you movin’! A lot of the bigger DJ’s are getting behind the sound and even
starting to produce it them selves so let’s hope it’s the next big thing!

Whats next for Joel Fletcher?
I have plenty of new music coming. my new collaboration with Will Sparks. Another collaboration with the legend Chuckie! a new single with Bobby Andonov on vocals just to name a few! all coming in the next few months, keep an ear out!


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