Miss Kitten – What makes her purr

You’ve been at the top of your game in the techno scene for a long time now and continue to push the sound and scene in further reaches of the planet. In the past 12 months what are some of the most surprising new places you have performed at that you didnt expect to see such a vibrant and educated crowd?
I must say Peru was one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been to. Of course, clubs or parties are not the best reflection of a country, it’s just an extension of what people who can afford it are letting go in terms of energy. But I was amazed how Peruvians are connected to their ground, native culture, and modernity.
Lately I had my afternoon pool party at Off Sonar in Barcelona last month, Kittin and the girls, with Heidi and Maya Jane Coles to name a few, the atmosphere was so lovely and emotional, I could barely go playing, I wanted to keep on dancing and be part of it as a simple music lover, until people sat down on the dance floor at the end. It touched me a lot…

2. How do you move with the times? Technology is moving at such a crazy rate nowadays. Are you playing on CDJ2000s with numerous devices, still on vinyl or rocking a semi live setup? How has your technical rider changed over the past 10 years?
Technique doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t make you a good DJ. I switched to Cds when my records started to get lost too much in planes, and mostly when festivals or venues stopped caring about turntables. As an example, when my set at Sonar by Day was recorder, vynils skipped, a nightmare… We had to re-edit some parts.
Then I started to use Serato, and since 2 years I am playing with USB sticks with Rekordbox. I love it. It’s stable, and being able to make loops pushed my mixing to another level of creativity and fun.Many people on Traktor are switching to that set up now. But again, it doesn’t matter with what you play. I always stayed focus on the track itself, never using tons of effects. My microphone is my main effect, a Human effect i could say.

3. Have you seen the big announcement today thats flooded everyone’s facebook feeds with the news that Pioneer are about to release their much anticipated turntable? Such great news for the scene and hopefully will see a comeback in vinyl to alot more clubs and festivals. Its no secret that the techno scene are the biggest supporters still of vinyl so this will have to surely have a knock on effect into other genres do you think?
I am not into technology that much. I prefer to talk about music. yes, it’s amazing what we can do now, and I am damn happy vynil survived (I still play vynil at home) but again I prefer to talk about emotions rather than machines. Technology should serve your imagination.

4. Is this the first time you have visited Bali? You have been booked for a great party and its the best time of the year to be here for the weather. What have you heard about the music scene in Bali? Are you going to be staying around for a few days to check the island out more?
Yes, 1st time. It’s a place I always wanted to go to, privately. I won’t tell you what I’ll do besides playing, I want to enjoy it in a very special way.

5. What next for Miss Kittin? (Please feel free to push your new releases, remixes, bookings or upcoming projects here)
Lots of gigs this summer, and new collaborations…


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