New World Sound – Bali touchdown imminent!

Recently we caught up with Australian EDM superstars amongst their crazy schedule and tried to see what they are all about in a exclusive interview for Bali Clubbing ahead of their debut in Bali at Sunblast Ultraglow Festival 2014.

Flute is one of the biggest tunes of the past 12 months and the marketing leading up
to its release was very clever including famous comedians getting down to its melody
on the worlds biggest record labels youtube channel, can you tell us about more
about this and the steps you go thru with your team when planning your marketing
campaigns to such a big release?

We just share our new music with our fans through our socials and actually don’t
have anything to do with the ‘marketing’ of our releases luckily, we just write the
music and leave that to our team! Haha Just before Flute came out, the video of Ron
Burgundy playing Flute was uploaded to a youtube account – We actually just tried to
find that original video to credit the original poster but it looks like its been deleted.
A similar video then got uploaded to Spinnin’s Youtube account and people loved it.
Its so weird how well Flute matched up to the footage of Ron Burgundy playing the

How did you guys come up with the idea for ‘Flute’ its such a unique and clever tune?
Sunblast Ultraglow Festival have used it as part of their teaser for their upcoming
event with you as its so catchy and such a popular club track in Bali.

We’re always listening to all different genres of music and we’d actually just heard
the old Mariah Carey tune “It’s Like That”, which has a Flute sound in it. We wanted
to do something with a similar kind of sound so that was the initial inspiration. Then
we wanted to make that sound work and bring enough energy to a club style track

We have noticed you guys seem to be on a mainstage festival every weekend in
every corner of the globe in such a short amount of time you have gone from local
Australian DJs to worldwide festival conquerors, where has been your favourite 3
gigs lately? Tell us what made them so special too 🙂

We get asked this a lot and its hard to answer cause everywhere you go there’s
something unique about that place that’s awesome. If we had to narrow it down to
3 recent ones though, we’d have to say Ushuaia Beach Club in Ibiza, Electric Zoo
Festival in New York and Tramps like Us in San Diego. Each of those shows were
mint venues with mint vibes and mint crowds!

Can you tell us about your studio set up? Whats your latest purchases and whats next
on the xmas card list in the New World Sound Studio?

Our studio setup is pretty basic and that’s how we like it. It actually hasn’t changed
too much from when we started producing. We’re either using our iMac or Macbooks
and don’t use outboard gear, just plugins. Our monitors are Adam A77x’s and
soundcard is an Apogee Duet. The DAW we use is Logic Pro 9 and we’ve started
using Ableton aswell.

When your collaborating with another artist, do you have a specific way of going
about things? For example working on a melody first via the internet and then
meeting to finish everything else up or just all get down with a few beers and let the
creativity flow?

It depends, its always different. Sometimes we’ll start with a hook or melody, other
times it might be more vague. Like a concept or basic idea, then we’ll work around
that. We prefer to be in the studio when we’re working with another artist, but
sometimes that’s not possible so we’ll share the project and do it over Skype.

Australia right now is killing it with producers popping up almost weekly nowdays?
Do you have any advice to young up and coming producers to stay ahead of the pack
and also to get their music noticed? Is there anything you guys can look back on so far
in your career and made that extra mile?

Yeah we’re stoked to see it all happening! Work really hard and don’t be afraid to try
new things. Share your music and if its good it’ll get noticed. That’s what’s we love
about the way things are now – you don’t need a label and a tonne of money to make
things happen, just good music. As far as things in our career that made that extra mile – when we started making
music, it was an unreal feeling when an artist we looked up to supported our music.
It’s awesome that now we can support up and coming artists and help them have their
music recognised.

Can you give us a top 5 of your favourite Australian producers right now? And
while we have you on the subject your top 5 overall tracks right now in your

There’s some guys back home right now who are making some mint tunes. Guy’s
like Matty Watkins, Who Killed Mickey, Chris Bullen, JDG, Chardy and Krunk! are
all so talented and absolute legends. We can’t tell you that right now, you’ll have
to wait until ultraglow! We’ve got some brand new originals from us and some
other surprises too

Since this is your first time playing in Bali, debuting at Sunblast Ultraglow Festival –
is there anything we can expect from your set and anything you want to let the crowd
know now??

We’re pumped as to play Bali, Come ready for a next-level party, mint tunes and
good vibes!

Whats next for New World Sound?
We’ll keep making the music we love to make and see where it takes us! Our
next track, ‘Cheer Up’ is out September 19. Our next tour is in the US and kicks off
September 26.


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