Cut Snake – Life on the road as they know it!

You guys have quite the lavish lifestyle that only one can dream about. Both professional surfers and now famous globetrotting DJ / Producers under the guise Cut Snake. Do you struggle to find time to balance both careers out ? Do you schedule in studio bookings before travelling to destinations to take on a surf job? Tell us more of the background of how life actually works around both careers and making it work?
Mate when it all started with the combo of us being able to have a career in both music and surfing, surfing definitely came first but now its all about THE MUSIC. The best thing about our life styles is we still get to play at amazing places like bali and surf in between gigs which is all time. All you really need these days is ya laptop a good set of headphones and a tropical background and you can make music anywhere…

Do you guys have some essentials that you travel with to make the show work both for performances and in the studio? Tell us more about your mobile operations.. Mac or PC? Ableton or Cubase?
Like i said laptop good headphones and your usb stick and were set !!!! All we need is you guys to bring the decks and speakers and we have a party… We both use MacBooks with abelton set up !!! Our phones are samsung’s best cameras in the business on those bad boys !!!

What are you 5 essential things you travel with both for music and surfing on the road that you havent mentioned above..
Toothbrush, u need ya teeth pearly white and no shit breathe. surfboards are a must on these trips, nixon blaster so we can jam out at the beach, passport so we can come visit and our fridge stocked up with beer when we land haha

You both must have some amazing sponsors and products you endorse.. Tell us more about the companies you are working with?
Nixon watches always hook us up with great gear, super surfboards still get the boards under the feet. Samsung hook us up our phones and tablets. We have some amazing clothing brands that deck us out with gear Zanerobe, jamie fame and the mad hueys hook us up a treat, and Go Pro Music…. very grateful for all the hook ups.

We have to ask that Penis surfboard – whos idea was that? I looks like it goes amazing.
Whos the shaper? Do you have more than one? Any great videos we can check out of it in action??

That idea came from fisher, i was injured and couldn’t do anything and the things that go through head when ya bored can be very interesting, so i decided to create a dick surfboard with my shaping brand super surfboards. they were frothing to see it come to life and when i surfed it the thing went amazing hahaha. I have two of them at the moment one is the original cock and the new one is the hippy dick which i just got. if ya wanna check them out go to our cut snake youtube page there all there….

Judging by your instagram and facebook pages the fans love your antics and practical jokes, they can’t get enough of them. Whats the funniest thing that comes to mind that in recent times? Kelly Slater getting coached via a megaphone from the pier at huntington had us in stitches… Anyone you want to punk that you not had the chance to yet?
There is so many video’s we like don’t really have a favorite. we have a heap of ideas we would love to do. A lot of pranks still to come on everyone and on us. So stay tuned…

We noticed you just played at Day of the Dead in the USA, the nations biggest halloween rave, can you tell us more about some of the high profile shows you have graced the decks of lately and whats up next for you guys in the bookings diary?
We have had a great year and have been lucky enough to play some amazing festivals. all of them have been a blast the HARD festivals are always amazing and those guys put on a good show for the fans. tomorroworld was awesome the stage set ups there were mind blowing. Corona capital in mexico was amazing cause it wasn’t just dj’s they had bands like the kooks, foster the people. We played a fun pool party festival in palm springs which was all time fun too. As for the rest of the year ahead just play music to as many parties as we can around the globe and get our music out there for everyone to go boogie too.

You have some great remixes on your soundcloud, we love the Chet Faker one, any artists that you can share with us coming up that you are working with on? Are they remixes or collabs?
We just did a SBTRKT bootleg on our soundcloud that is free go check it out… Our first release comes out on November 17th on iTunes and Beatport called face down. We are super excited about that and hope people like it!!! Oh and we just did a remix for Shadow Child and Doorly’s “Piano Weapon”

Whats the plans while your in Bali besides the crazy show thats gonna be talked about for years to come??
Surfing, sipping a nice cold bintang, hanging poolside eating amazing food, bali is the best place on earth….

Tell us whats up next for Cut Snake?
Just finishing music, enjoying life and having fun with the cut snake journey !!!!

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