Exclusive Interview with Jillionaire (Major Lazer)

Firstly we would love your insight into the Trinadadian Music Scene &
Industry? The Parties, The popular clubs? The changes in the last few years
and how the sounds have crossed over more and more with a huge helping hand
from yourself, other people you would like to share with us and of course
your partners in crime Diplo and Walshy Fire from your global conquering outfit Major Lazer?

The music of Trinidad and Tobago (soca and calypso) is constantly
evolving, thanks to pioneers like Machel Montano & Bunji Garlin who
continue to shine globally, and young innovative producers such as
London Future & Jus Now.

The Major Lazer influence has definitely benefited local artists, if
only to give them the encouragement to think outside of the box and
explore new and different genres.

Is there any artists that we should be on the look out for that might have
slipped under the radar from your region as right now everyone just cant get
enough of that sound? What about any record labels we should be on the look out?

I’ve been working with a host of young talent such as Salvatore
Ganacci from Sweden, Rocky Wellstack from Holland and Swick from
Australia. I just started my new label Feel Up Records and we’ve been
releasing some interesting projects from the likes of Teleseen, Grand
Analog and more. Look out for upcoming releases from Denmark, Brazil
and right here in New York City!

You have just recently toured Australia under your solo project? Can you
tell us more about the shows, any particular that stand out? the crowd
reactions? Any tunes that you got more of a response that was a surprise
considering they might not of heard that track before?

Well I’ve been a solo DJ for over fifteen years now and doing it full
time for about five. Australia is one of my favourite places to visit
as the crowds are always fun and open to new music and diverse sounds.
My single Fresh was a big hit there as it got a lot of radio support
down under.

Tell us about a typical Jillionaire set? what can we expect? Whats your set up your using too?

Lots of jumping, waving and ass shaking.

On the road and living out of a suitcase is the typical life of a touring
professional but when you do get time in between shows in a hotel room –
whats the first thing you try and do both music and no music related?

Work is never over. Check emails, update my dropbox, listen to promos,
work on songs, it never ends. Sometimes I just like to sit in the tub
and chill for an hour but even then I’m probably with my phone
answering emails.

Where is home for the Jillionaire currently? How often do you get to spend
there and any insights to any family members in the industry as well? Tell
us about your home studio too? Any exclusive pictures?

Home will always be Trinidad! I don’t get to visit enough but I go
down there whenever I can, just to spend a few days by the beach or
catching up on some local food.

Whats next for Major Lazer and the rest of 2014? Is there any exclusive news
you can share with us? New releases? Great parties?

Well we’re going to India in December so we’re all excited about that.
And we’re ending the year with shows in the Caribbean as well.

Look out for a new Major Lazer album coming in 2015 – and we’ll be
touring again: South America, USA, Europe and more.

Collaborations – we love them, any new ones in the pipeline for The Jillionaire? And new projects on the go? Whats been your favourite past
project with another artists?

I’m currently working on an EP with a tentative spring release,
featuring Swick, Rocky Wellstack, Salvatore Ganacci, Richie Beretta
and others.

Last but not least? Whats next for you ? Next shows? NYE plans? Newest and next release?

Just gonna keep working on music and pushing Feel Up Records along –
that’s the main focus right now.

Thanks for your time Jilllionaire and look forward to seeing you at Sunblast
Ultraglow 2014 Bali.

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