Will Sparks – What Makes him Bounce

Will its been 12 months since you last come since your debut in Bali for Sunblast and since then we have watched your profile explode taking in crazy bus tours across american with fellow Australian superstars including Joel Fletcher, it looked like one amazing tour. Can you share some tales with us? What were the shows like compared to a typical Australian club show or festival? Who was first to wake up each morning? Did anyone cook or was it all take away food? Is there any plans to return to the US soon?

Its definitely been a long and hard journey over the last 12 months constantly travelling and doing shows.
The tour in North America was a lot of fun, especially being with the boys Joel & Timmy. We’re a dangerous bunch so we gave it a nudge.
In terms of comparing US to Australia – you can’t really differ between countries because every different show in every different state or town in the world has its own vibe…we’re pretty new to North America though, so the people that came to see us were excited which was awesome.
Me or Joe the TM are always first to wake up. No one cooked but we always eat healthy.
I’ll be back there mid jan for a few shows but finally have some time off at home in February.

Apart from the US you have been in Europe extensively this year? Once again can you compare the crowds? I guess you get to do some amazing sight seeing in between shows? What comes to mind the best thing you seen in Europe this year not club related? Which was your favourite club show?

Currently half way through the EU tour.. The only time we get to sight see is the car ride from the airport most of the time.

A lot of different countries we visit so each has its own vibe and style.
EG. Ireland – Absolute nut cases, such a drunk crowd every time haha
Italy – Know their music. Will stay packed until dawn & they just love dancing
Scotland – also nutters. Always a sweaty loose crowd. So good!

Your latest track is out now on Ultra Records correct? Can you tell us more about the process of signing such a release to a highly established label like Ultra? For the up and coming producers out there its a dream come true for them and would love to hear any insight you can share or any advice you can offer? Can you tell us how a producer has the best chance to get a label to listen to their tune?

Its all about starting from the bottom really.
I made almost 50 tracks before a big label recognised me. Its not easy.
Build a following and then you’ll have eyes on you

Tunes are a plenty nowadays with access to production so readily available. A laptop and headphones and off you go! Do you have any secrets at your home studio that you can share with us? A magic synth that you only get the chance to use when at home? certain sweet spots in the bass thats only in a room you’re used to producing in?

Nope – i just wing it. My home studio fried itself. even if it didnt, I’m never home to use it anyway. And I’m so use to being on a laptop now.

Do you produce music with other artists over the internet? If so can you tell us more how that works? Skype? You do the melody? and ask for the drums?

I never do a session over Skype. Its too hard and awkward. How it works usually is you just send the session back and forth to each other. Best way.

Any collaborations coming with some fellow producers that we dont know about that are on their way you can share with us? What labels are they on?

Collabs coming = Deorro, Samuel James, Joel FLetcher, Timmy Trumpet, Danny David and a few others that aren’t 100% yet

Any plans for a Will Sparks or Melbourne based bounce label in the planning stages? Surely something thats been talked about a lot?
Yep. Its called ‘BOURNE’ & its first release is in January

The whole Bounce thing has really gone mad! Can you tell us more about its roots and how it started of before it went global? Any artists at home you want to pay tribute to that we dont know about? Any other genres you think that influenced it??
Its definitely blown up over the last year internationally
Pioneers were artists like Orkestrated, Stevie Mink, Kalus, Heath Renata, Joel Fletcher just to name a few. Back then it was much more dark and minimal. Wish we could go back – they were the days and thats what made me fall in love with the sound.
Its evolved now to more happy, big room friendly instead of small dark room.
Funniest part is how so many artists hated on it BIG time, now they’re making it lol

Whats your take on the whole bootleg generation on soundcloud? DO you think its a good thing that some DJS nowdays only play mashups of other peoples tracks and some even take the credit for it or some other artists hard work?
I say you can’t stop people from doing what they can and want. But to the ones that credit themselves for other peoples work is the lowest of low/embarrassing/not going very far in a music career

Whats the plan for Will sparks this time around in Bali? Fly in , fly out? some surfing? coconuts on the beach while watching the sunset ? Any plans to return??
Chilling for a day before the show but then have to fly out straight away. Looking forward to a message and Mi-Goreng on the beach plus cocktails. Bliss

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