Fehrplay – Bali bound!

In the past few years you have signed to some of the worlds best labels including Eric Prydz’s Pryda & Friends, Deadmau5’s Mau5trap records & Ultra Music Festivals offshot Ultra Music! Most producers would be happy with that as a life time achievement but we feel your story has just begun! Can you share with us how someone like Deadmau5 or Eric Prydz’s gets in contact and begins negotiating with you with such a prestigious record signing? And while we are on the subject how Deadmau5′ requests you to remix one of his timeless classics ‘The Reward is Cheese’ “?

Thanks! I’m honored to have been able to sign to these great labels! They all include music from producers I look up to. The process on getting on these labels were difficult to begin with. It’s hard to get your music to the right people. I was lucky to have Eric’s label manager pick up on my email. And they loved what I had sent them, so they signed it straight away. That opened up the doors for more labels, and it was easier to get my music straight to the right people within Mau5trap and Ultra. I was so happy when I got asked to do a remix of ‘The reward is cheese’. And the fact that Deadma5 approved of it. Such a legendary track to remix, I could definitely feel the pressure.

Do you have anymore label collaborations coming up that we should know about and who are they with?
Yes I do. With one of my favorite labels out there, Anjunabeats. Iv got a release coming up in March, which I’m so excited about.

We see your latest EP has climbed today at #13 on the overall chart on Beatport! huge news ahead of your show in Bali this weekend. Can you tell is about the ‘Zero Three’ label? Who is the owner? any other artists that are signed to the label we she keep our ears and eyes on?
Yes I’m cry happy about that. Zerothree is a sister-label of Toolroom run by Mark Knight. They approached me asking for some music, and I though Rattata and Pandora would be great for them! They just released a track from Grum (Straight to your heart) a few months before me which is awesome! Check him out if you haven’t already.

You are from Norway but live in New York correct? Why the shift to the big apple? Family are there? Hows the events and clubs in New York ? and how do they compare to home?
Yes I just moved here a month ago, and its great! I lived in England for 6 years before this, and I though it was time to check out America. The club scene here is really good. The house music scene is blowing up, and more and more great clubs are opening up, so it’s definitely a good time to be here.

Can you tell us about some of your best club experiences in the past 12 months? Where they were and what made them come to mind?
Best club experience is definitely Output in New York where I did my first 6 hour set. Also Club Migthy on New Years Eve in San Francisco. Amazing vibe!

In recent times you have done guest mixes for Pete Tong and Above & Beyond, its seems you fan base in growing and gaining some amazing industry legends! What other guest mixes have you completed recently and how do you compare and prepare a radio mix and the difference between a club set?
Iv done my first out of many resident mixes for Europa pluss. Which Im stoked about. But top mixes are definitely always for Tong and Above & Beyond. A radio mix is deferent in the way that you have no idea how people are gonna react to the mix. You just have to go with your gut-feeling. Its great though as its a good opportunity to showcase new material, and get peoples reaction on social media.

We would love to hear more about your studio set up? that magic synth you always turn to? That plugin we can hear in all of your tunes? What monitors you have and your most recent software purchase?
My go to synths are Arturia’s synth pack. Which conceits of old school emulated synths like the Jupiter 8 and the Moog. One plug in I use the most I think is the Vintagewarmer 2. Its the best saturation plug in I have ever used. My monitor are the most precious thing Iv ever owned, they are Barefoots mm27, love them. My last software purchase, hmm I don’t remember actually. I haven’t bought anything new in a long time. I try to focus and get good on the once I have already.

3 things you can travel without besides your phone and passport?
My ‘world’ adapter. So I can plug in to any power outlet anywhere. Advil PM; Over the counter sleeping pills. They are great for the long flights. And last but not least, laptop+headphones; I love to produce on the go, so as soon as theres any free time I set it up.

We assume this is the first time you have been to Bali? Lets hear how you picture this mystical island both as a getaway and the tales you have heard from the clubbing here?
I have never been no. Iv got quite a few friends who have been to Bali though, and they say its amazing. You have everything from a crazy party environment to the relaxed an great beaches.

Whats next for Fehrplay?
ext up release wise is my remix for Indiana – Only the lonely, coming out in a few weeks. Then something special on Anjuna, and after that a new one on Mau5trap, so it’s looking to be a good few releases coming up!


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