3 DJ Essentials Not Forgotten

This weeks feature we caught up with a selection of DJs from right across the musical rainbow and asked them what 3 things they cant travel without! From local resident Bali DJs, to some high profile international guest DJS both coming up and recently visited! Hip Hop DJs to Trance. You name it, we asked them so click thru and find out the truth to what really happens in a DJ’s travel pack / hand bag!

My face cream is very essential I cannot live without it I buy a pot every week from airports on way to my shows and moisturise every hour. The secret to great skin Scissors are also essential – I buy tshirts at airport ( I practically live in them) and I cut to my preferred length USB key as back up in case my laptop fails.

My ‘world’ adapter. So I can plug in to any power outlet anywhere. Advil PM; Over the counter sleeping pills. They are great for the long flights. And last but not least, laptop+headphones; I love to produce on the go, so as soon as theres any free time I set it up.

Portable power bank charger Ear plugs Hydralite and multivitamins

526507_10151339643041781_1716515769_nMARK SHERRY
Cold defense nasal spray for when u feel the cold coming on, painkillers for a killer/surprise headache.. and ear plugs are a must!

460253_606361662802476_5498341247211969702_oCUT SNAKE
Toothbrush, u need ya teeth pearly white and no shit breathe. surfboards are a must on these trips, nixon blaster so we can jam out at the beach, passport so we can come visit and our fridge stocked up with beer when we land haha

 Organ Donors UK (Matt Harris) Ear plugs/Eye mask, A few packs of crisps, I always buy the latest Dj & Mixmag at the airport but never actually read them. They just make me look coolORGAN DONORS UK (Matt Harris)
Ear plugs/Eye mask, A few packs of crisps, I always buy the latest Dj & Mixmag at the airport but never actually read them. They just make me look cool

BLISS (Australia) 

Travel pillow – so you can sneak in a quick nap when / wherever possible, Laptop – So when your offline you can still be productive to make last minute edits
Phone – So I can take pictures / video to document the whole trip


Universal plug adaptor, I-phone for playing FIFA and passport for obvious reasons

10349945_10152693527732875_773718254349841597_nECHA (Indonesia)
My Tablet for comics, movies and games with an hdmi cable to plug into hotel tv

10407925_419772318176043_4682738019818533426_nWOODSY (Melbourne)
Condoms, xanax & cash

10968595_10155231039050226_8351796527992001027_nPIERRE PIENAAR
Waterless Hand-sterilizer, Gum, Universal plugs for my iPhone

20242_1186563512864_5238379_nNANDO (Sky Garden)
Hand sanitiser, hangover tablets and the most important my sunglasses

8b7b5ad3-6715-43f0-8b03-26c471397635ARMEE (Australia)
Serato records, ortofon concords, novation dicers..keepin it old skool


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