Room4space bringing the cosmic vibes to Skai Beach Club Grand Opening.

Skai Isnta

This is your first time to Bali we believe? Is this your first time performing in Asia? how do you picture Bali? the beaches? the people?

Thats right,first time to Bali and really looking forward it.So many friends went to Bali and i just heard good things about beaches,people, and club scene over there.Im sure we gonna get really good gig on the beach.So see you guys soon !

Its the Grand opening of Bali’s newest beach club Skai. It must be a great honour to be invited to such prestigious event all the way from Turkey? Is that your home country? Can you tell us about the club shows in Turkey? any beach clubs?

Yes its a big honour for me to play this brand new beach club in Bali.Some friends sent to me some pictures from the place and looking really awesome.Turkey is my hometown,i was born in Ankara the capital of Turkey.We have so many clubs and festivals,i can say in Istanbul we have crazy clubbing & crowds.You can find almost everyday something to do and you can catch every weekend some big names like Guy J,Adriatique, Booka Shade,Aeroplane, Solomun,John Digweed and many more.In summer we have some beach clubs for sure but these are just 3 months in a year.

Besides Turkey where else have you been playing? Both clubs on the beach and festivals?

Clubs,festivals,beach parties, and some private gigs i’ve been playing.I’ll drop some places where i play; Los Angeles,San Francisco ,Arizona, Caribbeans,Croatia,Holland,Norway,Switzerland,Russia,Italy and many more.

Your releases and productions right now are on the move and the talk on everyone’s lips is room4space. Can you tell us who has been playing your release? The first big producer/ DJ to playlist your releases?

Yeah good one,i really happy to share with you guys who has been playing; The House Of Disco, Darius, Zimmer, Jody Wisternoff, Darin Epsilon, The Magician and many talented producer friends supported from all around the world.First one was Zimmer.

Whats in the room4space studio? It must be like a space ship in your magic room? What programs are bringing those outspace vibes to life? any new out of this world secrets you can share with us in the studio?

My main equipments Mac Pro, Ableton, Roland Jupiter 80, KingKorg and Novation Bass Station II Analog Synthesizer.Ableton and some magical vst sound banks bring that space sounds to your ears 🙂

Some of the inside gossip of who you might be collaborating with soon? Any new partners in the studio?

Yes i already have some collab. works with my mates.Just keep an eye out for the new stuff.

Why Space? How did you come up with the room4space stage name? We love it!

I’ve been always interested in space scene, its coming from my childhood.I can feel the cosmos in my body and soul.I believe we are all made of stardust.I can define myself a space addicted. If there is an another life we had, i was an astronaut for sure 🙂 Im very happy to announce that couple days before i got a job offer from NASA Houston Space Center, music producing for their video records at International Space Station aftermovies.Its really big up for me ! room4space is coming from one of my favourite tune by In Deep We Trust.When i heard it at first i said to myself it should be my alias.You should check this tune out,its very good one.Old but gold !

We have been checking out your artwork and love it!
do you design it yourself or work together with a graphic designer?

I work with a graphic designer friends. Ginna Synaesthesik from Colombia and Brennan Schloo from LA.They are very talented friends. You have to check their works on facebook artist pages.

Tell us more about the label your associated with Spa In Disco? We have seen it pop up a lot lately. Is it a label? Is it a events company? What’s their vision ?

Now they are running on a label and event company.They are very good friends of mine and i work with them in many projects.I enjoy being a part of a Spa In Disco family.What’s their vision, i can define it with just a couple words; Positive mind,positive vibes and positive life.

Any other artists your associated with should be on the look out for?
Why your feeling their releases and where can we check out their sounds?

Tosel & Hale, Mark Lower, Max Lyazgin, Long & Harris, Manuel Kane and Elektromekanik you should be on the look out for ! Just google them and you gonna find their soundcloud,facebook or official artist pages.They are making more than magic sounds

Whats your plans for 2015? Do you have some goals you can share with us? Some new releases on the way?

I would like to perform in various gigs around the world and reach more people through the music.So you should keep an eye out for new tunes,mixtapes and show announcements on my soundcloud & facebook artist pages in the future.

What else you going to get up to in Bali while you are here? Studio plans? Beach time? Check out some other clubs?

Hope im gonna do some studio sessions with my good musician friend Yuki.Im sure we ll make some good things over there cause my main inspirations come down to two words: Sunshine & Beachside.I’ll check beautiful beaches of Bali and club scene for sure.

P.S I’m sure you have watched the movie, “Interstellar” what are your thoughts on that?

First of all i wanna say Christopher Nolan is my favourite director.His works are just brilliant. The visiuals, the sound and special effects of Interstellar are highly commendable.I saw it at an IMAX theather.Its a fun and intense movie.Its meaningful, thoughtful, very intriguing scientifically, and it sticks to you. Just like Cooper says; Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.

Its a great pleasure for me to attend this interview. I would like to thank all
Cybergroove crew and Bali Clubbing for kindly inviting me to this lovely interview,cheers.



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