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Jungle Shrimp is about to drop your latest tune, can you tell us about where it sits on the musical spectrum? The genre? how the idea for the tune come about and how is it fitting in with your current sets?

The goal when making that tune was just to make something fun. A tune that could be played at a house party or something.. I was testing out a new mic, and weird enough that lyric was the first thing that came to my head. We played it for a while and at first we were just going to keep it for ourselves to play but it worked really well in the club and people started asking us about it so we thought fuck it lets release it!

How does one come up with such a title Jungle Shrimp and the crazy artwork to go with it?

Well we have a dance called the jungle shrimp at home. We made it up when we were all on the piss for shits and giggles and all the boys just do it for a laugh. As for the artwork we just wanted a hot chick with a dirty shrimp on her head in a tropical backdrop.

Is there a follow up tune in the works or anymore new releases we should be keeping our ears and eyes on?

Yes we have a bunch of music that is done and ready for dance floors. We are excited to share it but for now we are just enjoying the Jungle Shrimp.


Holy Ship, holy shit! That looks like one crazy show, we checked out the videos of you guys and the madness that goes with the whole show. Looks like Cut Snake fitted like a glove.. What was your stand out moment of madness ? (any photos or videos?) What set went down as legendary in the book of Cut Snake’s guide to the ultimate Holy Ship show?

That ship was fucking wild, we recommend it for anyone that loves electronic music and loves going mad in the bahamas on a fucking massive ship with a bunch of lunatics having the best time. Basement jaxx was a massive stand out for us, the music was just so good and they absolutely tore that ship to pieces. Overall though there were so many good artists on the boat it was crazy the whole thing is amazing.

Another monumental moment we discovered online was the recent set at the Mixmag Laboratory in Canada. Being such a prestigious invite to go and bust a set out at , we just cant even imagine how the invite to something like this goes down. Can you tell us how such a request comes about? And while your here tell us more the show? Any preparations compared to the usual Live show compared to a studio mix that you know is going to be broadcast all overt the internet.?

Well it wasn’t it Canada hahaha it was in LA. But we were super excited to do this when we got the chance. I guess is happened just after our first release “Face Down” i guess they had heard it and invited us to come play some tunes it was epic. The way they set it up is amazing people were going mad we loved it cause it was such a intimate setting and everyone was there for the tunes. They had these evil little green gremilin shots getting passed around like hotcakes, by the end we were pretty cross-eyed, but we somehow pulled it off haha

You guys are now based full time in LA correct? Hows the club scene out that way compared to your usual Gold Coast show? The crowd? the bottle popping? the girls? the afterparties?

Yeah we live over in LA full time so thats why were a little rusty on places to go out on the Goldie, to be honest when we are home in OZ we are just drinking beers with the lads at our local pubs. La on the other hand has everything u want the party scene is wild and every dj u ever wish for comes through there, everyday of the week there is an amazing act playing somewhere. California itself is just out of control its got everything u ever want.

We know you guys love to party, thats no secret, tell us some more about your afterparty experiences? You know we love the gossip? He has been there? Any celebrities? Famous surfers??

We just played Sam smiths grammy after party and pretty much the whole grammys was at that party, the man had just won 4 grammys so he was definitely the man of the hour that night. It was pretty wild seeing people like taylor swift, katie perry, Rhianna all on the dance floor having a boogie.

Then on a Monday how do you guys just switch back into surf and studio mode? the Cut Snake hangover cure? Any recommendations? Any secrets?

hahahaha i don’t know mate just hit some nurofen, hoof down a salad and pretend your healthy when ya really aint, maybe throw a kombucha in there to think its doing something and then just get back on the horse! Make some beats then hit the beach for a late arvo sesh to wash the weekend off…

Your heading down for the grand opening of Bali’s newest beach club ‘Skai’. Located right at Padma beach. What a spot im sure you would of been surfing at Padma both of you as youngsters right thru your surfing careers. How do you feel about such a great location for a beach club and what are some of the things that come to mind both trying to vision the event, club and your fondest memories surfing along the world famous beach break strip?

Yeah padma beach is epic we love going down there and hanging with all the padma boys having surf talking some shit getting a few bintangs under the belt. For one its in Bali the best place on earth, two its smack bang on the beach, three there serving up some drinks and four the tunes are ON so the only thing we need is a crowd and we have a fucking good party going down.

Anything else you can tell us about your upcoming show in Bali we should know about? the shows leading up to it? Any tunes we should be expecting to be brooded at the event?? Just bring ya A game cause its on !!!

Yeah we are touring extensively around Asia, Australia and New Zealand for the Jungle Shrimp tour and we cant wait for the Bali show.. Any message you want to share with your fans in Bali before the show goes down in history on April 11? DO THE JUNGLE SHRIMP !!!

Jungle Shrimp Out Now!! Make sure to get your copy today on iTunes: You can also stream the track on Jungle Shrimp Spotify playlist here:

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