Mark Knight interview and what Toolroom is all about

In a world where music is often limited to genre handles and buzz sounds, Mark Knight has proven a rare and wonderful breed of integral House heavyweight. With a career that has seen the GRAMMY nominated producer work with the likes of Faithless and Underworld, as well as providing high profile remixes for Basement Jaxx and Chris Malinchak, Mark Knight’s credibility and integrity within the dance music industry is beyond reproach.


As founder of Toolroom Records, alongside his brother Stuart Knight, Mark Knight is responsible for championing a wealth of talent from across the industry spectrum and embracing new sounds, faces and places through our label and live ventures. Over the past ten years, Mark Knight and the Toolroom team have signed and even discovered some legendary artists; we’ve led the way in an ever-changing industry, developing artists and even evolving ourselves. Now it’s time for Toolroom to enter a new phase; it’s time for #RESET:
“#Reset is about refining our musical space. We are not about chasing trends or jumping on bandwagons; we are about doing things from the heart. The definition of this space is embodied by the three artists we’ve chosen to launch #RESET, with Weiss at the deeper end of the spectrum, Adrian Hour with Techno, and myself sitting in the middle.”
Launching the #RESET campaign is our ‘Toolroom Live 01’ album mixed by Mark Knight, Weiss and Adrian Hour.

Weiss is an artist Mark Knight and the Toolroom team are very proud to have on board: his penchant for deep jacking grooves, warm rumbling subs, sweet sharp percussion and delicate vocal treatment have had us mesmerised from day 1:
“Weiss is special… He’s the sort of act that only happens once every ten years. From the first listen of his first demo, you could tell this guy is different and unique. There are a lot of people doing formulaic Deep House, but there is only one Weiss.”

Similarly, Argentinian Tech talent, Adrian Hour’s ability to make unique and unforgettable main room Techno means he’s one artist that stands head and shoulders above the rest:
“You can instantly hear when listening to an artist if they ‘have got it’ and Adrian has it in abundance. Again, he is an artist who really is in a league of his own. I can’t think of a single other producer with the same level of technical ability who can create flawless accessible Techno with a fanbase that spans from Richie Hawtin to myself and everyone in between. I am very proud to have this amazing talent as part of the team.”
At the heart of the ‘Toolroom Live 01’ album and of Toolroom Records, is Mark Knight himself:
“I suppose I’m at the centre, at the core, of what Toolroom is about musically. I’ve always been able to make music that sits neatly between the underground and the commercial, which is that ground Toolroom has always sat within.”


Mark Knight’s Toolroom Live mix reveals his ability to make memorable main room House music and his talent for creating moments that are reminisced about for months, even years, after the event:
“What I wanted to do was create a mix that fully represented and encapsulates our musical space. It’s like an eight-hour set condensed into one hour, which goes from one end of the musical spectrum to the other. All the tracks are important, as they form essential links in the mix – each track being a chapter with no one track being more important than the other.”
But, Toolroom Records and the Toolroom Live album series isn’t all about Mark Knight:
“After ten years, we’re coming full circle in the best possible way. Our main focus is to discover and build new artists like Weiss, Adrian Hour, Tough Love, Amtrac, Bontan… who make the music we’re deeply passionate about and to release great music for DJs and fans of dance music. That can only then mean taking the Toolroom party all over the world with a refocused energy. It’s a huge chapter for us and probably one of our most exciting to date!”

Being blessed with the freedom to release across a wide spectrum has allowed us to build close relationships with an exciting list of artists and invite them to join us in our new Toolroom Live events.
With a decade’s worth of experience leading the label and many more years’ experience in production and touring, Mark Knight is the perfect figure, alongside the rest of the Toolroom team, to guide our artists and support and encourage our roster, as he says:
“It’s going to be a great time for dance music over the coming years. And we’re going to be right at the centre of that, trust me.”
Producer, DJ, record label founder, leader, mentor and more – Mark Knight’s experience and expertise within the music industry means there are exciting times ahead for our label.


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