We love your stage name Nice 7 but would love you know how you chose it ?
We had to choose this name in a few hours….we sent a track to a label but we didn’t have an artist name….they sent us a mail back saying they would like to sign it, and they needed the artist name and title in a few
time. That’s how everything started.

Whats the story behind it?
Did you have any other names that you were playing around with before deciding Nice 7 is the one?
The story behind this name is a secret between us and some very good friends of us.
We started working together on this project and we had good results from the beginning….so we never thought to change this name from 2005 until now.

This is your first time in Bali correct? Whats your thoughts of the place ? The clubs? The events? The beaches? the people? How do you see it?
Yes, this is our first time there.
We’re definitely super-excited. We heard very good things about Bali in general, we feel lucky about the possibility to have a show in such a cool place…we saw pictures of beaches and the
place in general looks like a “paradise”…really can’t wait to test the clubbing life too over there!

Where are you guys from? Can you tell us what the parties are like in your home town? Your favourite place to place around home and how its different to each time you play there?
We are both from the same small coastal town in the center of Italy,
We had many club experiences in our country in the past but right now we only have 1-2 shows every year in our place. There are good clubs around, and the club culture is very hype at the moment.
Everytime we play in our country is a special event for us, we meet good friends and all people that are interested in electronic music, it’s a big pleasure to play for them.
In the last february we had the first D-FLOOR label night in Pescara, together with our fellas Pirupa and Leon, and it was one of the best gigs of the year so far!

Your tunes get better and better with each release and we are big fans of your work here at Bali Clubbing. Can you tell us how you start of with each theme per tune? Do you work on the percussion first and then the creative juices start flowing or you have a idea get it down into a couple of bars and then build the magic around it? Every producer or production team has a different way of mapping things out and were really curious how camp Nice 7 goes about things!
We don’t have rules we start a nu track… sometime i grab me singing a bassline, melody or “rhythm sequence” with the iPhone’s voice recorder, then in studio we work to make in music what
we had in mind. Often we play the instruments in studio just for fun. Melody, bassline or drum patterns and if we get something cool we record it on cubase and start working on it. Sometime a
track can also starts from a sample. Vocal sample, groove sample, instrument sample, whatever inspire us.

Whats in the Nice 7 studio? what software are you using? Any hardware synths? Anything we can particularly hear in one of your latest releases? Maybe your go to hardware?
We love to use external machine to produce music… something we can touch with our fingers 🙂 that’s why we have a lot of stuff in studio. The Roland Sh101 it’s the first synth we turn on to
play a bassline. You can hear it on our track “Walking Faster”, the Freakme’s track “Cornelius (NiCe7 Remix)” and on the track “AFFKT – Soul – Nice7 Remix.
We also like the sound of the Korg Ms-20, Waldorf Pulse +, MFB Kraftzwerg mk2, Moog Minitaur, Moog Voyager (the main glide synth on “bassline soldiers”) and the cheap Bass Station Rack.
The Access Virus is the synth we use mostly use to create texture and layer efx. Clavia NordRack 2X, Dsi Tetra and Elektron Analog Four for the rest 🙂
For the drums Mfb Tanzbar, Elektron Machinedrum and Analog Rytm, Clavia Nord Drum (i love it for percussion sounds!), Korg ES-1, Ensoniq Asr-x and the plug-ins Maschine and Battery.
Our daw is Cubase Pro 8. We love its audio editor. With it we can easily and completely manipulate di audio material.
At the moment we don’t use external audio processor because we are happy with Universal Audio, Soundtoys, Sonnox and Eventide Plug-in.

Compression & mastering is often a big topic amongst studio geeks. Are you putting compression always on certain instruments and channels? How about the master channel what are you doing with regards to mastering and compression on the master? Do you further work on the finished product or once its rendered its done?
We always use a compressor on the master channel when we start a new track. With a soft setting, just for color and glue. We use two compressors for the drums. One for parallel
compression and another one to glue them together. Sometime we put a sidechain compression on bassline and other sounds, using rhythm elements as key.

What are some record labels that you consistently working with and why? Is it because the other artists signed to the label are producing similar music to you? Is it a friends label and do you guys have your own record label ?
We consistently work with Noir Music, we have a special feeling with Rene’ and we think he’s cool, professional and super-smart guy.
We also had the pleasure to work with Defected, Get Physical, Suara, Gruuv, Kitball, and they’re all cool people.
Our record label is D-FLOOR, we co-founded it with Pirupa and Leon 2 years ago, to release our own stuff together with some interesting young talents.

What are some artists that you have discovered in recent times that you think have big potential to grow in the next 12 months? What do you think sets them apart from many other producers and have you any plans to work with them both in the studio or touring?
Freakme is one of the most talented guys that we know. He’s a friend of us, he had releases on Get Physical, Noir Music and Diynamic.
We already did collabs with him and he has big potential to grow in the next years.

What are you guys playing with in the club? USB? Serato? Vinyl? Where do you see DJing technology going in the next 2 years as the last 2 years things have taken some very big jumps in progression from the old CD port on the CDJ1000. What headphones are you guys using and why?
We’re big fans of Native Instruments and We play Traktor with vinyl controllers. Sometimes we also use usb sticks on cdj 2000 nexus.
It’s not easy to give you a prediction,we only think is very important to preserve the art of djing, that is a bit different from the art of producing music.
Cesare uses Senhaiser HD25, they sound very good and easy to carry anywhere.
Nicola uses AIAIAI TMA-1….they’re ideal for traveling, solidly built, making it easy to carry anywhere without having to worry about breaking it….and they have an up-front, bass-slamming sound profile .

Next up for Nice7? Where you guys touring? Any big collaborations coming up or remixes we should be keeping a look out for?
We have been busy in the studio in the last months, so we have lot of stuff coming up!
An EP with original tracks and collabs from us, Pirupa and Leon called D-FLOOR SYSTEM is going out in a few days on our own label D-FLOOR.
We’ll also have a release on NOIR MUSIC with remixes by Steve Bug, Paul C and Paolo Martini and Riva Star in a few months.
We remixed a classic tune from Romanthony on Glasgow Undergorund, and right now we’re working also on a rmx for Monika Kruse.
In june we’re coming to Bali, then Australia, Ibiza, Italy and UK….and all over Europe and USA during the all summer.

Last of all for the people of Bali and beyond what can we expect in your set? Some new tunes? Some exclusive remixes ? See you at Jenja on June 6 ! BCxxx
We’re going to test all these new tunes and remixes during the tour, of course…you can expect to have fun with a mix between house and techno, smiles and good vibes!
See you soon in paradise, Bali here we come!!


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