Ciroq is a institution, a weekly event in Melbourne hosting some huge acts with regular visits from A list celebrities, sporting stars and even DJS come there to party of their show elsewhere.. Can you tell us how long Ciroq has been going for, some of the guest DJS to grace the decks and who has popped in for a boogie?

Thats correct we are coming up to ciroqs 2nd Birthday on August 28th and we have a huge night installed. Over the past two years we have been graced with International artists such as Cedric Gervais, Ashley Wallbridge, EC Twins, Sultan and Ned Shepard along with Local guns Will Sparks, Joel Fletcher, Tigerlily, J trick, Orchestrated, Trifo, Timmy Trumpet, Stafford Brothers, Zac Waters, Slice and Dice, Mashd n Kutcher, TyDi, Marlo and many more! Over the past two years we have had sporting stars from the likes of Melbourne Victory Soccer Team, Tennis superstar Nick Kyrgios, NFL players and of course the occasional AFL player, even had the afro man him self Redfoo come down for a shuffle!

What do you think is the secret to the success of long running club night?
The success of Ciroq does not come easy, we have a great team that has helped create the night to what it is. We are not only a team, we are a small family who all love what we do and love to watch the brand succeed. Our team is based upon different sections from booking agents, to marketing, Entertainment directors and of course our large team of hosts and promoters who each week pour there heart and soul into the night. We get a lot of interstate patrons week in week out which is so great to see that Ciroq is recognised across Australia. We pride ourselves on allowing our patrons to exit their everyday life and join us in the club where we share the passion of music and entertainment.

The Melbourne scene is huge right now, with the producers and DJS killing it on the world stage and so many club nights and events all at capacity crowds. What do you think sets Melbourne apart from the other cities in Australia and why its so ahead of its game right now?

Great question, Melbourne is thriving at the moment, the music that is coming out from Melbourne producers is getting major International recognition from all the top artists. The likes of Will Sparks, Joel Fletcher, Marlo, Zac Waters, Trifo, and many others are all getting world wide tours under there belt and its great to see. The whole “Bounce” genre came from Melbourne in which other cities have jumped on board and clubs and have adapted this sound to there weekly club nights which has had huge impact on the Australian dance scene. Melbourne has always been a “party” capital, you can always count on going out and seeing an international artist from any music genre weekly. We are very diverse in what we do which is what I think separates us from the rest.

What other projects are you involved with currently and recently working on?

Currently I am involved in being the Programming and Artist Liasion Manager for world renowned nightclub Marquee Sydney – sister venue to Marquee New York and Marquee Las Vegas under the Tao Group. Hosting Djs over the past year the likes of Drake, Tiesto, Dash Berlin, Laid-back Luke, Nervo, Carnage, Will Sparks, Havana Brown, Kaskade, Lil Jon, Redfoo, J Cole and many more. I also just recently just finished off the GodsKitchen 2015 tour which saw 5000 people in Melbourne and 2000 people in Sydney, this was a highlight of the year for me and I look forward to 2016 with the brand coming back in a big way. To add to this I have started to work closely with some of Australia’s biggest up and coming artists, Trifo, Exis and Katt Niall all making their own stamp on the Australian dance music scene.

We know your a busy lad and also got something cooking spreading yourself right across the industry. Busy is a understatement, Im a work alcoholic really just ask my fiancee. I love all aspects of the industry and love to grow my business into a major empire one day, having a chain of venues from bars to clubs and restaurants etc. Slow and steady but I always believe to dream big, work hard and you will succeed.

Next up for the Travis Grech Machine is??

A Holiday LOL Its been such a big year for myself, whats next? Currently working on producing a big summer line up for events. Looking at the early part of 2016 of a summer beach party which would be very cool and different for Australia. Of course looking to carry on with Ciroq and see more fabulous years under that brand with possible expansions on Ciroq in other states. “The world is your oyster” they say and I love what I do, so I would love to possibly do some work overseas in the USA and Asia. Besides that just doing what I hope I do best and thats deliver a weekly club night as best as I can, most importantly make people dance, smile and make endless memories for them.


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