Were huge fans of you guys and Robots in general and been watching your progress over the past few years very closely how do you see your sound has changed and developed over the past few years and what are some of the key factors that play a big role in the progression and career of My Favorite Robots?

– We dont really look at it as our sounds changing, but to always keep pushing ourselves and trying to make the music we want to make. On our last album, Atomic Age which was released on No19 Music we felt that we wanted to write an album that was geared more to a listening audience, and since then, we’ve wanted to produce music that was more tracky and geared to the dancefloor. Our last EPs released on My Favorite Robot Records 2015 are a good reflection of that.

Before you were the robotic trio can you give us some insight into any solo careers that we might not know about and should be stalking down for some more undiscovered machine like music?

– Well Voytek and I were based in Montreal and before we met up and formed MFR we were just playing around the city and at loft parties and it when MFR was born that is when everything for us started to get a bit more serious and we started to spend more and more time in the studio. James joined us several years into the project and at the that time, he already had solid solo career started and had just released a ful length album on Radioslave’s Rekids label.

While your career is booming is there any other current side projects as well in the makings or currently doing the rounds that we can check out as we just cant get enough in our listening devices?

– We all have little things going on here and there but to all of us the main focus is My Favorite Robot as well as the curating and running of our label My Favorite Robot Records

Your record label is breaking some major rule books in 2015 and blurring the boundaries further between what is Indie and what is Techno while Electronica plays a huge part in the backbone of all your releases how do you describe what your label is really about?

– We are really just putting out music that we like no matter what the genre is or whether is geared to the dance floor or is something more geared for listening. We really try not to pigeon hole ourselves as a label that only puts out one type of music and really like, as you said, to try to push some boundaries. Not every release we put out will be for everyone but we dont mind that either, we like to keep our releases quite eclectic.

Can you give us some background into some more artists that are you excited to be working with thru your record label that you have discovered and what sets them apart from the artists signed to similar labels?

– The main artist that we’ll be focusing on this as we head into winter is Finland’s Jori Hulkkonen who will be releasing a new full length album with us in September titled ‘Oh But I Am’. It very well may be the best album that we’ve released on the label and it will be followed up by several remix pkgs as well that will include reworks from Kenny Glasgow (of former art department fame), Camea, & MFR to name but a few. Jori, like many of the other artists that have released full length albums on the label such as Fairmont, Sid Le Rock, & Tim Paris, are all guys that have put their lives into electronic music for decades and have a really story to tell, both through their recorded music and live performances. Its been really special for us be be involved with such talented artists and to now count them amongst our close friends.

Your playing at crazy clubs like DC10 in Ibiza on a weekly basis but we really want to hear about some of the more underground events your doing and what really make them stick in your mind and why? Some of your favourite cool hip shows this year?

Ya we are fortunate to be able to play so many good gigs these days. While some definitely stick out from the crowd, there is always something that makes every show special in it own way, whether it be a really crazy crowd, a super dope club, or just meating one person who is really into the music and thankful for being there.

What about the festival circuit in 2015 what are some of the big open air events you have done this year and how have they been both as a huge artist achievement and how do they compare and differ to each other continent to continent?

Festivals are always a lot of fun, its really cool to be in front of that many people and see their reaction, although to be honest, we definitely get a bigger buzz being in front of a smaller crowd where its a bit more intimate and you can really get into and feel the vibe. One of the big festivals we’ve played so far this year are the Kappa Future Festival in Torino, Italy … and shortly after bali we’ll be back in Europe to Play The Sziget Festival In Budapest as well going to Kasantip for the first time which should be wild.

Tell us about your set up on the road? How do 3 guys get in a DJ booth and rock the crowd? you playing semi live? any midi elements? 4 CDJS and 2 mixers ?

– The three arent often together at cd gigs because while it can be a lot of fun it isnt really necessary. We genrally play as 1 or 2 robots depending on the gig and the location. When its 2 of us we go back to back which keeps it quite interesting for us and the crowd and we get together as all three of us when we do our live band show which we do about 6 times per year.

Whats next for the Robots? Where you heading to after Bali?

– after the show in bali (and a week of r&r) its a crazy august and end of the summer that see’s us in europe for 6 shows, then to the US for 3, Mexico for 3, and then back to europe for another 4. No rest for the wicked!


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