What makes your residency at the 102 Club in Neuss so special and can you compare it to anywhere you frequent often?

The 102 Club in Neuss is my living room. I am at home the moment I walk in the club. I’ve been playing there since 5 years with lots of big artists and loved every gig. Also because of the kind of family feeling – all my friends being there every time. I think every club has its specialty so it’s very difficult to compare.

How do you compare the crowds at home vs other key destinations like Ibiza or Detroit? Do you find they are rocking to the same tunes or certain cities like different aspects of your production? (IE: the home crowds love the more percussive stuff)

As a DJ I just play what I like and let the music flow with the vibe of the crowd. I don’t try to guess what the crowd wants me to play, I know they came for ARADO and that’s what I’ll give them wink emoticon

After reading more about you online you really love playing extended sets. What is your preferred set length if you had a choice? Would it be different in a open air event vs a underground club show?

I’m all about DJing and it doesn’t matter where I am. I love to play long sets where I can create a strong connection with the crowd and build up the night where we go together on a musical journey.

For all the up and coming DJs out there and the lack of warm up sets that seem to exist in this day and age how do you advise somebody to prepare for a long set of 5+ hours? How do you think the perfect set starts and how do you close the last song of the night out?

As I mentioned before I decide spontaneously what to play so I can’t give any advise on how to – I think it’s just a matter of time. So practice! I can only advise what I do myself, just play what you like and see what happens, you will soon find out if you are talented or perhaps not 😉

Whats your set up in the studio at home like? Any new additions to surely what is massive collection of analogue hardware and synths? Whats the one synth you cant live without and why? Is there any tracks from you recently we can listen to hear it in all its glory?

My Studio is in my head and always running wink emoticon Every step I take is in rhythm with my heat alongside a beat going on in my head. I can definitely not live without Tr909, Tr707 & Moog Sub 37. Just check out my soundcloud to listen to my latest tracks.

Is this your first time in Bali? What have you heard about the scene here and what about our favourite new late night techno stomping ground Koh?

This is my first time in Bali and I’m looking forward to play at the Koh. I have friends that have played there before and the feedback was always very positive.

Is there anything we can let our readers expect from you set this weekend? Some new tunes? Maybe some exclusive edits or roadtesting a new collaboration?

I can’t really tell you that because I don’t know what I will be playing but I can tell you one thing, find your best dancing shoes because this night will be special, I produced a lot of new tracks I haven’t played yet!

What labels are you currently working with? Do you have your own label ? Can we check out some other artists on the labels you work with that we should really be getting into?

You’ll hear about my new label very soon. Just follow me on my official artist page to get the news.

Finally, thanks so much for you time! Apart from what you have already answered, whats coming next from the Arado camp ? Any new big projects coming or a massive new inclusion to your upcoming shows??

Stay tuned and let me surprise you. There are lot of new projects on the way.



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