This is your first time in Bali performing correct? Can you tell us what your view and vision is of the hip hop scene in Bali is like? What names have you seen pop up on the Bali turntablism radar?

Yes my first time DJ’ing in Bali i did a show years back mc’ing drum & bass with some dh’s from Perth but yes my first time doing a headline DJ show out here so super pumped dude!. Have heard good things about the hip hop culture out here in Bali. Have heard there is a healthy bboy scene and heard good things about Mc Spicy, DJ Angelo & Yoga Yin.

Your performing at Mirror this week one of the hottest clubs in Bali right now, can you tell us what to expect when Armee lays down his own law on the turntables?

I have heard so many good things about Mirror so very stoked to be playing such a great high profile club in Bali. I have a high energy and very fun classic hip hop party anthem set with a mix of hip hop, trap, r&b and some crazy straight up club mash up type vibes mixed with a bit of turntablism and live drum pad tricks. You will hear a bit of Bro Safari, Fatman Scoop, Kendrick Lamar, Hilltop Hoods just to name a few artists.

Your from Perth but have played all over the world. Can you tell us about your travels? Where you have been? Some of the best shows you have played and specifically about some of your favourite SE Asia destinations?

Yep i have played all across the world including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, India, London, Macau, Guangzhou and more…Probably my favourite place to play in the world i would have to say is my home away from home Hong Kong. Touring their over 12 times and living there DJ’ing for 2 years was a great experience. Also Shanghai, Singapore and India were pretty amazing SE asian destinations to play in.

You were a massive part of one of Australia’s biggest hip hop outfits ‘Downsyde’ for many many years. Can you tell us more about what Downsyde are up to now days? Are you still with them? They still touring?

Downsyde have a new record coming out in 2015. So look forward to that peoples!. I have done a bit of work on the latest album but between my international touring schedules etc it has been hard to work more on the latest record.

Your solo artist carreer has been going from strength to strength, what your;s favourite release to date? What label is it on and where is the label’s country of origin? Are you signed to any international labels?

My favourite release would have to be with Downsyde in 2008 with the ‘All City’ album. That was through Mushroom festival and illusive recordings in Australia and world wide. On my solo tip i have done a few instrumental things through local Perth producer Philly Blunt’s label.

Whats in Armee’s studio? Can you tell us about your set up? Your go to software and synthesisers? Do you use a massive studio to finish of your ideas and get that magic mastering on a big vintage mixing desk? Any pictures?

Studio wise I’m still rockin it old school on the PC with fruity loops for most of the programming and Cubase for arrangements etc. Don’t use any synths just old school sample chops really dude.

Do you still go crate digging looking for vinyl? What are some of your favourite record stores both past and present and where are they?

I still go for the occasional dig for vinyl samples just for the warmth and crackle and all that old good shit. I used to love bowerbird records on North Perth but record stores are a dieing breed in Perth these days so do most of my digging over seas when in New York, Hong Kong etc.

Are you sampling from old skool releases and bringing them back to life in your releases? Can you tell us about any sampling we can hear in your releases today? Where the sample come from and how you got the idea to write it into a new tune?

The last thing i chopped and sampled was a funk track called ‘You don’t have to worry’ by a band called ‘Guts’. You actually might have heard this sample on the latest WIll Smith and Margot Robbie movie called ‘Focus’ that is straight fire yo! But yeah mainly old school release but every now and then some obscure japaense or chinese funk records or something like that but yeah they just get chopped and forgot about.

How are your ripping from vinyl and getting it ready to use in a digital workstation? From analogue to digital? What software are you using and mastering techniques? Do you use a process to clean the vinyl pops or leave it as is?

Just simple recoding programs from vinyl to digital mate with some simple clean up tricks but yeah i like to keep it raw!

What are your plans in Bali? A few days holiday cruising around the island? Checking out any other clubs nights or going to come to Jenja and check out their weekend shows? Maybe a surfing lesson?

Got a massive week planned in Bali! Lot’s of partying, drinking, playing golf in tanalot at greg normans designed course, you will see me at Jenja all week most probably checking out the other artists and shows plus ATV driving through the jungle and generally just running a muck. But yes you will catch me by the pool in Seminyak and definitely not at the beach surfing hahahah

What is Armee listening to right now on your device of choice? Both hip hip and outside of your field of expertise?

Listening to Kendrick Lamar ‘How to pimp a butterfly’ at the moment plus Joey Baddass from New York City’s latest record are some of my fav’s at the moment!

Tell us about your next up projects both releases and gigs? where are you heading to?

I have some more shows in Hong Kong this year plus hopefully coming back to play the amazing club that is MIRROR again later in the year plus a heap of shows in Perth and in the north west of Australia.


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