Stefano Ritteri is a true gift to music, with his Italian charm and passion he has ignited the world of house and techno. Stefano is not a new name in the game, former aliases have seen him hold residencies at clubs such as Fabric in London and release on the elite of house labels such as Dirtybird and Sound Pellegrino. More recently Stefano’s label accreditation includes Pets Recordiings, Exploited, Viva, Saved, KD Music and OFF Recordings, this music has led to outstanding international gigs and a string of high profiled remixes. From Stefano’s music affair his own Congaloid vision was born, spawning one of the hottest new labels in house music. Ritteri currently resides in London building his empire under the smoke filled city and studio space.

Additionally Stefano is a legend when it comes to the all things studio wizardry from his crazy modular synth work and set ups to his highly anticipated studio tutorials for Future Music magazine and leading software developers Cubase. Spending some time across Steffano’s social media portals is simply mind blowing what this guy gets up to.

To infinity , and beyond! #hidinginrome

Posted by Stefano Ritteri on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Below we have put together just some of our favourite video tutorials & live sets for you to check out but we highly recommend spending some time getting lost in the world according to Stefano Ritteri via google as its truly amazing what this guy has achieved and gets up to with his spare time! As quoted on his facebook profile currently ‘Fuck Art, lets play with Synthesizers’. Get your production mojo on with the one of the best ahead of his show at Woobar this Sunday.

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