Multi award-winning DJ / Turntablist Extraordinaire, Angry Buda is without a doubt one of Australia’s finest party rockers.  Hailing from NZ and based in Perth on Australia’s West Coast, over his  17 year career he has held over 40 residencies and has excelled in nearly every genre of the DJ industry, making him the “Golden Child” of DJ slots. His award list reads like the who’s who of the Hip Hop industry with his latest achievement his most prestigious yet taking out the DMC award for Western Australia in 2015 placing his as the most up to date award winning Hop Hop artist to visit Bali this year.
Want to know more ? check out our exclusive sit down with one of the genres finest and his one man dancefloor battle at Jenja next Wednesday.

You been in the game a long time now and been doing the circuit all around Western Australia for more than a decade how have you scene your local scene change in that time?

Well, the scene has passed through many hands over the years, what makes a scene valuable is the passion and hard work that goes into keeping it alive. Everyone who supports and contributes are all playing their own important part of a much bigger picture. Big shout out to the well respected local legends in the scene who continue to inspire through their talents!

How do you compare the Western Australian Hip Hop culture to the rest of Australia?

It’s just as good as you would get anywhere else in Australia, We have a lot of local legends here who have served years in the game.

How do you think its going to compare to your upcoming show at Bali’s home of hip hop Jenja’s Urbanised?

Hip Hop & RnB is what got me into DJing, Many moons ago. Being one of my favourite genres, I think I will be right at home.

We hear in the day time your Djing in the city at an iconic store? Tell us more about that and how you landed the job ? Whats the most requested tune your getting at your daytime gig?

Haha, yes. I’m an Live In­store DJ at Culture Kings (Perth).That’s a new one stop clothing shop where people go to buy the latest and freshest imported threads. The only requests i get are from people wanting to know what the song is that I’m playing haha.

You have just taken out 2015 DMC Champion in your city congratulations! You certainly are true testament to hard work and dedication pays of. Can you tell us about your routine and the planning you put into it? Do you have a tracklist of what you played? Any videos online to the finals? We would love to check it out.

Thank you!! Yes, I was just recently crowned Western Australia 2015 DMC DJ Champion! I was a great honour to receive such an amazing title. I totally didn’t expect to win it, I only decided 2 Months prior to the comp that I would enter for fun. It was a very testing time, I did a lot of research on DMC Videos via Youtube, and my practiced Beat Juggling and scratching religiously.

Do you have any other awards to your name besides the prestigious DMC title?

Indeed i do. In the Perth Dance Music Awards , I have received 7 awards for Best Hip Hop DJ and Best Urban/R&B DJ
2010 ­ Perth Dance Music Award: Best Hip Hop DJ
2011 ­ Perth Dance Music Award: Best Hip Hop DJ
2011 ­ Perth Dance Music Award: Best Urban / R&B DJ
2012 ­ Perth Dance Music Award: Best Hip Hop DJ
2012 ­ Perth Dance Music Award: Best Urban / R&B DJ
2013 ­ Perth Dance Music Award: Best Hip Hop DJ
2013 ­ Perth Dance Music Award: Best Urban / R&B DJ

Whats your current top 5 your playing in your club sets?

Hmmm… I’ll keep those as a surprise! I may have a few new remixes up my sleeve of some very cool throwbacks!

Whats the first couple of records you purchased with your own money and how do you see it influencing what your playing today?

I bought some second hand “Solid Gold ­ Compilations” ­ Just so i could have try at scratching the record. haha.

Who knew that years later down the track, i would win a DMC Title?

Not me… But since that amazing experience, now i’m hooked on DJing all over again!

Are you producing music as well? ?

Yes i am… A lot of beat making in my free time, writing anything that sounds pleasant to my ear.

Making any sneaky edits for your sets?

I may have some sneaky little morsels just waiting to bust out…

Whats your set up like at home?

Turntables, Rane TTM57, CDJs, Mac, Ableton + Push, KRK Monitors and various controllers.

Where do you see DJ Technology going in the next 5 years with the changes in the equipment moving at a alarming rate we would love to hear how a DMC winner sees things changing and also how has your set up changed in recent years??

I love DJ Technology! I’m always looking for what new gadgets are coming out. Serato has changed the way i think about DJing, i can pretty much use anything to DJ with, but i still prefer to keep things simple by the trusty old Technics Turntables via Digital Vinyl!


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