It’s fair to say that the Futuristic Polar Bears have had a phenomenal few years. Through their own relentless hard work and outstanding capabilities both in the production studio and behind the decks, the trio have been on an incredible ride and achieved the seemingly unachievable in such a few years! With their latest release on Armin Van Burren’s Armada recordings with Sandro Silva on the collaboration and already having a number 1 on Hardwell’s Revealed recording whats next is really up to them as the continue to conquer all in their musical path.

The Futuristic Polar Bears have been making dance music for awhile now but, who was the person that really inspired all of you guys to make music and be apart of the dance music scene?
We loved dance music for a long time and there are waaaay too many names to mention, but Steve Angello was someone we all loved! Sultan and Ned about seven years ago we used to like study their tracks. Axwell was also an incredible influence… Sander Van Doorn, Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold and Tony De Vit!

I know you guys collaborated with Henry Fong on the track “Velocity,” how does it feel to once again be featured on Hardwell’s label for the third time?
It was incredible, watching Hardwell dropping ‘Velocity’ at Ultra in Miami for the first time to 80,000 people while we were watching from on top of the sound stage was one of the best moments of our lives. We love being part of the Revealed family and love the Revealed fans for their support.

Did you guys expect the track to get so much acknowledgement? Especially from the world’s number one DJ?
The support on the record was off the charts and as a producer whenever other artists and DJs love your work it really feels fantastic! We have dreamt about our music reaching people all over the world, and now it is so we feel extremely blessed!

Where do you see the whole EDM movement shifting to next? With the haters spreading its on the downfall we dont see a change here in the Asian region and see it actually growing more but we would love to hear it from you guys.
Like all music it will evolve with time and I’m sure the big hitters are working on just that at the minute. Its exciting time for all of dance music whatever style you listen to!

Seeing that the scene is always evolving with new talent, who would you say right now is a name we should be on the look out for in 2016?

Alpha rock are killing it and signed to Spinnin, Genairo Nvilla is part of Kryder’s Groove Cartel, Maddix & Manse are part of the Revealed family. We think these guys will all be huge in 2016!

As a DJ or a DJ group, you guys are always touring and playing at festivals all around the world. When you guys aren’t doing that, what is your favorite activity to do?

Eating health food, running, going to the gym and watching TV series box sets… oh and Fran’s just written a book in his spare time, as you do!! lol 🙂

What set up are you using in your studio at home? including your go to plugins and monitors?
We’re producing a lot in Ableton at the minute and then bouncing everything into Logic X to do the mixing and mastering. We’ve just ordered some new speakers (Adam A77x) which we’re waiting to arrive which will help us transform our sound even more!

Whats up next for the Polar Bears on the colllaboration front and what labels are on the radar?
After already working with hardwells revelealed and Armins labels the buzz in most certainly in the air and we would love to hear more!

Unfortunately we can’t say too much but you’ll be in for treat – we’ve got some big stuff lined up!! Next up is a big release on Wall Recordings with D.O.D…

Finally, it has been a massive 2015 for you guys, so what is in the pipeline for 2016? Any new projects or shows that you guys are excited about?
We are aiming for 2016 to be our biggest year yet! We have learnt a lot this year and we have grown as producers… so our best music is on the way! We also have big releases coming on Revealed, Armada and Wall records over the next three months so it should be exciting – Watch this space…..



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