What do you think are the most influential elements of your music experience?
Cant remember, grew up in a musical family, in the age of seven, I started to repeat piano cluster and melodies again and again. So it seems my psychological structure is responsible. Later on i discovered all kinds of music with a strong focus on electronic music, i grew up in the 70/80 years!
Some names are Ashra, Tangerine Dream, Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Steve Reich, Mike Oldfield, Genesis, Jimi Hendrix, Weather Report…

What’ s your opinion regarding the difference between analogic and digital support?
Easy answer: everything is a tool and we are able to use it to our pleasure!
Producing music became possible for everybody, so young musicians cant imagine what it means to save money for over a year for a small drum machine or synth. I grew up with relations to instruments, good or shitty ones, so maybe i concipate since years own analogue devices with Manfred Fricke (MFB) in berlin.
In my own studio i combine both worlds, (old) instruments (sur)faces with logical control at the computer using cubase daw as main program. I also like additional hardware like compressors, preamps, amps, fx tools.

How do you see the music and artist evolving into the Future?
Today we have democratising of music. The barrier into music production is very low. The need of commercial satisfaction/success is overall.
Productions quality seems better, but know how and ideas are low engaged.
I see the reissue of handmade, well concipated music, cause of people get bored by copies of something were done much better before. So people always build an underground, when commercial or political restrictions are present.

Are you bringing new experiences to the crowd?
Yes, I am always (ex)changing concepts or checking out new tunez. As well i like to collaborate with musicians i like. By the way: i dont think there is a “crowd” rather an audience or just (party)people

When do you feel satisfied in your job? What are the main ingredients to achieve that?
hehe, is not a job, dude, is passion. I feel satisfied i n case all around me is ok music is a energy eater, you are in your own, sometimes you feel like a child, sometimes you re in a bad mood and getting on your own nerves.
Satisfaction is to collaborate with partners beeing professional, passionated und respectful.

What do you consider to be the best location you have experienced?
There are many clubs are serving superb sound and philosophy. As well there are shitty clubs with superb atmosphere cause of funny party people. Therefore you cant exspect an adequate answer from me.


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