Known for working with Guy Gerber, Laurent Garnier & M.A.N.D.Y and in demand remix duties by the likes of Spencer Parker, Sasse and Damian Lazarus.

Most recent stuff you will see his outstanding ‘Avocado EP’ on Mr Josh Winks super cool Ovum Recordings & the HUGE Kilimanjaro EP on Fuse along with a regular residency spot at the Fuse events in London & Ibiza and his second home at Rex club. I caught up with Alexis to get a little insight to the world of Alexkid

“No ego involved and what cares is the music”

Q1 Hi Alexis, it’s a Monday and many people feel like ripping their own heads off and rugby kicking it down the road after a full weekend of clubbing. How do you feel today and what are your plans?

I’m quite OK with Mondays myself… I took the habit of being quite active during the week, arriving early at the studio and then playing/partying during the weekend… I’m not saying that sometimes I don’t hate myself on mondays (and tuesdays…) but I have learned to deal with it, and keeping busy makes it less painful…


Q2 Having coming through music in the 1990’s, how do you feel things have changed and evolved from then to now?

They have radically changed in my opinion. There was more commitment before. The fact that now everything is of easier access has made people lazy. In many ways technology is a great thing , and the fact that anyone with a laptop can make music is fantastic, and with endless possibilities. Yet music is not really any better. Different for sure, better no. In the 90’s you were really thinking about buying this machine or another, because of the expense. You would save money to buy it. Get a summer job if you were a student. Then you would spend time with it, because you would know the value of it. To be a dj or a producer, you really needed to be motivated because eventually there was a lot of time and money involved. Getting a good sound of your machines would take time. Now it seems like everything is a bit diluted in a sea of confusion. You can make semi-decent tracks, to be released onsemi-decent digital labels, where A&R is not necessarily consistant because costs are low. Vinyl has a cost, so labels used to think twice… “Do we really believe in this track ?” Nowadays, pretty much everyone can afford producing (or Djing) and standards have been a bit lowered… I feel some djs pay more attention to their tattoos than to their music basically… It is strange, because at the end, technology should allow you to push the limits, instead, it has lowered the standards… too simple.. less excitement…


Q3 There is a lot you have done in your career including a very random George Michael remix (which also, would be nice to know how that came about), but what was the turning point at which you realized you have become a recognized artist and can actually do this full time?

What do you mean my remix is random ? 😉

I agree indeed that remix was a bit unexpected. I’ve had a few of those. It seems that George Michael knew my music when the request came in… I didn’t question it twice. I do produce other genres of Music, and as much as I can be an integrist, I also like to be put in challenging situations. I think the remix I did was great. Nothing I would play in a club for sure, but a good radio/house track with all the pop-ness I could fit into. It is not an easy thing to do. Regarding the turning point, I have been blessed as I never ever did anything else. I started producing I was 17 ! 22 years now … ugh… man… it doesn’t make me feel any younger, though at the same time it is my little pride. I always push and try to stay relevant. I feel that there is so much more to do and it keeps me going… I might not be the trendiest DJ, but for sure I am one for the long run and that is the most difficult thing to obtain. Climbing is easy, staying and reinventing yourself is another challenge. A lot of people do not even care to listen to what I do because I have this “old school” image, but when they listen to me, they eventually come and say “-Wow, that was surprising ! I didn’t know… “ … I find it amusing somehow.


Q4 You have put your knowledge in to creating a quality ableton plug-in called ‘Instant Haus’ that gives unique drum patterns and shifts sounds. It’s a pretty cool plugin.! Have you any plans to release more plug ins?

I have quite a few ready, but I selfishly keep them for me:) … sometimes I share them with friends. I mostly do generative sequencers . I am currently working on an Euclidean Sequencer with forced exotic scales… Great to make weird polyrythms… I actually used the very first version of it to create the main sequence of “Euclidean” on Guy Gerber’s Supplement Facts last year…


Q5 You are originally from Paris and like many other artists now live in Berlin. What is your reason for moving to Berlin, how does that differ from Paris and often do you get back home to see friends and family?

Except for my residency/night at the Rex club or other gigs, I never go to Paris … Moving to Berlin was one of the best things I have ever done. Not because of the night life or the “scene”, but because of the relaxed vibe of the city. I guess I needed it. I think that becoming a father motivated this choice. I realized I didn’t want my daughter to grow in Paris. It is too agressive…

Q6 Speaking of family, you have a daughter and after reading many other articles / interviews you have done you always illustrate how much she means to you which is every nice to read being a father myself.

Having to travel a lot, how do you find working in the music industry and having a daughter too, is it tough?

It can be… She doesn’t like it too much. She is asking me to get a normal job “like working in a café or a cab driver”… Sometimes it is heartbreaking. But it is my job, I love it, and I am aware that it is a privilege to be able to make a living out of playing and producing music. She will eventually understand.

If you put things into perspective, tough might not be the right word either, Working in a salt mine is tough… More people should be aware of what they have and be happy about it. My life is not always pink, and dedication to music is very time consuming if you want to make it happen, but I really will not complain about it.


Q7 You have many great releases and worked with some of the most influential artists / brands on the planet including Laurent Garnier, M.A.N.D.Y, OVUM, and the Fuse lads.

What’s it like working with these people, what have you gained and what’s it’s like being part of such a selective close nit Fuse camp?

Enzo and I have a lot in common… We’re Ravers at heart, and have similar commitments to what we do. Our musical background is disturbigly similar. Yet we have very different perspectives on things. It is fascinating to talk with Enzo and he is such a brilliant guy, with an interesting perspective and approach to things, We have become good friends and working with him is a piece of cake. No ego involved and what cares is the music. I absolutely love spending time with him in the studio… We’re currently working on more Kilimanjaro stuff… pushing the boundaries of Bass… hahaha


Q8 Who is smashing the scene right now?

Sonja Moonear is finally getting the attention she deserves… One of my all time favs. There’s a lot of talent out there. Thank god…


Q9 Who is up coming and whom should we look out for over the next couple of years?

The people in my agency 😉 .. that is why I have created it, because I believe some artists need more attention. Bella Sarris is doing great, Fernando Costantini, Dana Ruh, many others. Fuse has a lot of talent in there too… Very exciting times.


Dark or Bright? both

Big or intimate? intimate

Paris or Berlin? Berlin

Gash or Tash? uh… UK slang … better not reply to this as I am not 100% sure of the meaning of the question…

Hotel or Party? … Party… I never learn my lesson…  


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