What or who would you say has defined you as an artist?

I think my versatile taste in music, which ranges from EDM to classical music, has definitely contributed a lot. When I discovered trance after hearing SYSTEM F – Out of the Blue, I knew I found that perfect mix of energy and emotion.

How were you brought into electronic dance music?

When I was 10 years old or so I had a friend in school who had all these cool cassettes like Turn up the Bass and Techno Trance. We used to listen to those tapes for hours and after a while I started DJ’ing at high school parties, but there I couldn’t really play the EDM music that I really liked. So I started buying vinyls and ended up playing at a local club called “Spock”. One of my friends, PAUL MOELANDS (aka RE:LOCATE) was already doing well as a producer and he introduced me to Fruity Loops and after (a lot) of practice he finally thought my music was good enough and released my track “Destination 6” on his label. ARMIN VAN BUUREN picked it up as Tune of the Week on his ASOT show and as they say the rest is history 🙂

Since you got hooked and started to show some great results, is the DJ life everything you thought it would be?

It most definitely is! I get to play my own music in front of thousands of people for a living, what more can you ask for?! It was a pleasant surprise to see that a lot of the big names out there are still so down to earth and passionate about their music.

Do you have any specific activities to trigger your inspiration? 

Uhh, it can be very different things. Sometimes watching a movie and you get into a certain vibe. Sometimes it stems from listening to other music like classical music. It doesn’t have to be dance music. Usually when a new melody pops in my head, I’ll just go to my piano and start playing.

What helps you get into a productive mood for making new music?

There’s a lot of different triggers for me. It can come from movies, personal experiences or other music. Also being in the studio with others can be very productive and fun. Definitely a good idea if you’re experiencing a writer’s block!

Where do you prefer to play most of the times? Is it a floor packed festival or a club filled with a few hundred people ?

Sixma :- For me I like both. In a club you can play longer, play good music. And at a festival it is like if you have 10,000 jumping people, then it’s gonna give you a rush, and you get started and all. But in the club you can connect with the people. So I like to balance it out, sometimes club and sometimes the festivals!

If you weren’t an artist what would you imagine yourself to be?

I would still be very much involved with music. Probably as a producer/composer for games, movies or pop. If I had to choose something outside of music, I would probably like to work as a scientist in the social psychology field, which was my major in university.

Are there any hidden talents that your fans might not know of besides producing music?

I’m really good at making grilled cheese sandwiches. In Holland, we call them toasties and my friends would always call me the “toasties king”. My friends would come over to my house during school break time and I’ll bake for them.

Any last comments, shout-outs, or dedications?

Breaking through and making it big is a matter of luck, but the harder you work, the bigger the chances you will get lucky!



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