You’ve been playing around Asia more and more in recent years securing yourself as a firm favourite amongst many destinations. How do you see the growth of the industry in Asia as a whole?
I first started touring throughout Asia about 5 years ago? and back then, electronic dance music had only just begun to emerge. House music especially seemed quite underground at the time. Over the years, I’ve watched the industry quickly evolve throughout Asia as the Electronic Music scene took over and I love that about Asia! Almost every major club I play at now days are really into all those big massive electronic sounds & progressive house tunes. I can even throw in some Trap and Future Bass. Asia is definitely up with the rest of the worldwide music scene. I’ve noticed that artists from all across the globe touring a lot more throughout Asia, and booking major festivals now as well.

Your current top 5 tunes:
I love so many tunes at the moment but off the top of my head in no particular order:
To U feat. Aluna George (Original Mix) – Diplo, Skrillex (Jack U) & Aluna George
Chunky – Format B
Major Lazer – Too Original (Debroka Remix)
Pop Dat – 4B x Azar
Feel The Volume (Joyride ‘Stick It In Reverse’ Mix) – Jauz

How about Bali? How have you seen the Bali clubbing industry grow over the past 5 years?
Same with Bali, I found it used to be very commercial, now day’s people are into all types of cool genres and I can play a big mash-up genre set. Kind of like an ‘electronic party set’ I guess? The crowds are really receptive, which is cool too. The punters seem more accepting of different sounds, which allow me to present multiple styles and push the boundaries. I always get a lot of inspiration from Bali, especially in the Deep house and House scene. The local DJ’s in Bali are second to none! I literally send all my friends to go watch my favourite Bali DJ’s because their music selection is so good! I stream their Soundcloud accounts when I’m home in Australia.


Every time I get back from Bali, I generally make up a new Deep House mix. Even though I don’t often get to play that style in a club, I just like to put together all the cool tunes and influences from my trip, for people to enjoy in their chill time, or even to stream on their own Bali holiday.

What’s plans in Bali before the show? Anywhere you fans might be able to stalk you down?
I will be staying in Bali for a couple weeks, so you will definitely find me shopping up a storm down Seminyak road at some stage. There will be plenty of swimming at the beach and by pool as well.

For the ladies out there. What’s your two favourite go to boutiques /s shopping destinations when your come to Bali usually?
This is probably the hardest question; there are so many amazing shops in Bali! I love Seminyak road, could shop up and down there all day! But my #1 would be ‘Wunderlust Bali’; I’m such a sucker for c
ool new swimwear! Then probably ‘Shakuhachi’ and ‘One Teaspoon’ store come in at a tie at #2.

2016 is shaping up to be a huge year in Australia too. What’s on the radar for you and any big news coming?
Production and song writing this year for me! I’ve recently been working hard on writing music experimenting with new ideas and singing a lot. I have a few colabs in the pipelines as well so I’m really looking forward to a release very soon!The whole Sydney lockout law thing seems to be making some huge noise down under!

What’s your thoughts on it all and any solution amongst your peers that’s being overlooked?
It has definitely put a massive damper on Sydney’s nightlife, and it’s so unfair for the patrons and industry workers to suffer like this. Basically, everyone suffers! The politicians are just too lazy to address the real problem that is violence. So they threw a blanket lock out law at the problem and now it punishes everyone instead of just the offenders- a really small amount of people by the way. So you can see how this is really disappointing and frustrating that our industry is having to suffer majorly, because of the vicious acts of a very few.

You’re a very versatile DJ after checking your SoundCloud your hard to pin point down on a vibe… How do you describe the Bliss sound?
That’s a good question, I am very versatile but I think that’s essential in this era of djing? I love so many different styles of music anyway so it suits me well. I guess when djing, it really depends on the venue and the demographic at which club I am playing at. When I play locally in Brisbane I play much more of a party set, which includes RNB, Hip-Hop, Trap, Twerk, Bass & House all mashed together.

So when I tour, I would say my sound is Electronic Dance tunes, Progressive House, Big Room Future Bass Anthem’s and Festival Trap, blended together. I bring a lot of pumping energy into my sets when I perform to the main room as well. My soundcloud has a bit of everything, like I said I like making those chill deep house vibe mixes as well but they are mainly just for personal pleasure and for people to chill to on holidays.

You just been booked for a 6 hour set! How do you plan for it and where do you see it going both if it was at your favourite club at home and somewhere that you always dreamed to play and have yet to grace the stage at?

6 hours is a really long time, so if i’m going to spend my 6 hours anywhere, it would be on the main stage at Tomorrowland! And first thing I’m going to do, is make sure I bring a packed lunch. In preparation leading into this set will be much like Rocky Balboa training schedule lol. Building a dance floor over such along period of time takes thought and structure, you want to take the punters on a journey. Try not to peak too early and build the momentum from start to finish.

I want to make sure I keep everyone entertained and engaged at the same time. So I would use a lot of throwbacks, bootlegs and originality to keep people interested. Coupled with a high-energy performance jumping all over the stage hyping the crowd. I feel like the crowd reciprocate and feed off of the djs energy, so I would drink a few Red bulls and get just as involved with my first track as I would my last.

What’s next for Bliss after Bali?
I’m having a few weeks holiday in Bali with some friends, and then on the way home I will be playing a gig at Exodus in Jakarta on February 18th.

Anyone you come across in your travels lately that the Bali Clubbers should be keeping a look out for?
‘Fly Flamingo’ a new bass, trap duo making some absolute fire at the moment!

What’s your current DJ set up like at home? Are you constantly upgrading it to keep up with the technology changes? Where do you see the next step in DJ innovation now that Pioneer have just released the DJM2000s Mk2 upgrades?
My first setup were the Pioneer CDJ 100s and DJM400 – ancient pieces of equipment now days, so they’ve definitely come a long way since then. That’s all I used to learn on, I then sold them a long time ago and I haven’t actually owned any dj equipment ever since. I’ve been lucky to play in clubs every weekend for 7 years now so I’ve had the chance to see the pioneer evolve. To compare the difference of what I learnt on to what pioneer has to offer now its quite amazing. However now days, what you find in most clubs is still your basic CDJ 2000+ and a DJM 800 or 900+ mixer. So I guess that’s the sweet spot in terms of affordability, ease of use and effectiveness.

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