Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, Angger Dimas is one of the hottest DJs out right now. With tracks being played regularly by names such as Laidback Luke, Tiesto, Steve Aoki and Afrojack, Angger is becoming a very familiar name within the dance community throughout the world. Besides a constant tour schedule to keep him busy, Angger is set to release his new album this year off of Vicious Records.
When did you get involved in the dj industry?
I started my career as a DJ at the age of 18 and first appeared in club scene in year 2009.

Hows your first gig?
My first DJ gig… was at a local club in Jakarta – feels like forever ago! I can’t believe how much has happened since then and I’m truly blessed.

Tell us about your craziest collaboration
Ahhh. There’s too many to narrow it down to just one, but my top three would have to be my collab with Diplo called “Biggie Bounce” from his Revolution EP, another collab with local Indonesian producer Jevin Julian titled “Assassin” and also my track with the talented guitarist Piyu featuring vocalist Tara McDonald on a track called “More Than Just A Feeling”!

Is there a big electronic music scene out there in Indonesia?
Very big. In Indonesia it is the biggest electro music scene in all of Asia I believe because they can bring in all the big name DJs like Tiesto and David Guetta. All the big DJs from the world have been there.

Is there a big difference between the scene in Indonesia and America?
It’s quite different. You say Dubstep and Electro are freaking big here and in Indonesia it is like Techno House sort of like Trance music. But I am starting to get into Dubstep. I want people in Indonesia to hear Dubstep, hear Drum and Bass, hear all music. So no hater bro. I just love music.

So you want to incorporate all styles of music into your sets then?
Definitely, yes.

Do you still get nervous before you get on stage anymore or are you just accustomed to it now?
I get nervous every time. It is a sure thing. I believe that every gig is going to be like, ”Oh, shit,” because I don’t know how the crowd is, whether they are young or old. And I never pre-set my set, it’s always random.

Anything you like besides music?

I like… coffee and hanging out with my friends and family – just relaxing! They all live at my house most of the time so when I get back from a tour we normally take a few days off just to relax!

What is the first album you have ever bough?
The Greatest Hits by Queen!

Your last shoutout.
Asia will take over the world.


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