Before becoming ‘DUA’ tell us more about your solo careers? Your solo project names?
Zoka : i started DJing on 2007,mostly i worked as resident DJ in some cities in Indonesia until 2009. On 2010 i join to pioneer digital dj battle in Jakarta and got 3rd winner and met Dimboy.
Dimboy : I started Djing on 2009 in Rumus DJ school. I got runner up at Denon competition Dj battle 2009. I was first winner on Pinoneer Digital Dj battle Indonesia and Asia Pacific 2010.
Our solo project names was Dj Zoka and Dj Dimboy

Where are both of you guys from in Indonesia and tell us more about 2 quick topics that come to mind growing up thru your local scene?
I am from Makassar and Dimboy from Jakarta.


How did you guys meet and come up with the project & when did the DUA project debut?
zoka : After pioneer dj competition,i went back to Makassar.I held event for Dimboy in Makassar,when he perfomed he out of music stock and he called me to help him to play together. That was a moment when we got the chemistry,and Dimboy asked me to make a group Dj if i stay in Jakarta. view months latter i went to Jakarta and here we are.

When you hit the stage do you both have specific roles?(Example: 1 guy is really on FX and MIc and other Mixing) What set up are you guys using at your shows?
We dont have any specific roles and rules. we play back to back alternately in every one track. We play using cdj and traktor.

You recently won the number one DJ Duo in Indonesia via the Paranoia DJ Awards. Congratulations.. Was this something you worked towards? Have you any other awards to your name?

We won Dj hunt road to DWP by ismaya live 2013 and upraising dj of the year 2014


Any other duo’s in Indonesia that we should be looking out for in the future that you have come across in your travels? And while were on the subject any up and coming DJS around the country that you think deserve a shout out that are not in the media spotlight yet?
Actually there are several good group dj,but they did not long last. So,we not really sure about it. Wow there are a lot of them. Such as Austyn from Makassar, C.N.M from Jakarta,Adieh Flowz from Jakarta.And other Djs we met in other cities.

Where do you see Indonesia’s clubbing industry heading towards in the next 12 months?
As long as earth still spinning,i think clubbing/dance industry will survive.


What do you think is the next big sound to explode in Indonesia now that EDM is literally on every single radio station, shop sound system and teenagers ipod?
i think chill trap and future house will explode soon.

Whats your favourite club to play at in Indonesia and what makes it really that much more special to your other bookings to date?
Too much to mentioned. indonesia have a very nice clubs in all over cities.

Whats next for Team DUA? Any new production we should be keeping a ear out for?How about some big bookings that are about to be announced you can share with our audience.
Our tracks are on progress,and we planning to release at international lable. We will perform with other some intl Dj such as Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike at Eco Park Ancol Jakarta on 27 mei 2016.


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