When you put Hip Hop and Bali into the same conversation the name Yoga Yin will always become part of the equation. Yoga Yin has played a pivotal role shaping Bali’s strong and vibrant hip hop scene. While our interview paints a very humble picture of a local Balinese DJ who loves his music and family – we just cant sing enough praise for a legend of the Bali entertainment industry already in the making. From his block rocking sets at Jenja’s Urbanised concept every Wednesday night to guest spots around the island almost on a daily occasion, Yoga Yin has it going on across Bali and beyond.

Tell us about how you first got into Hip Hop and the whole movement from a true Balinese B-Boy? what are you some of your earliest memories when hip hop started to get popular in Bali?
It’s start when my brother give me the Vanilla Ice’s Live Album, and in the middle of the track, he cut the song and do some Rap 🙂 .

What were the first few vinyl records you managed to get your hands on?
Back in the days of vinyl how did you get vinyl into Bali ? Was there some local record shops or ordering from Jakarta?
The First Vinyl Records are Humpty Dance by Tomy Boy, Public Enemy and Bad single for M.J
My Vinyl’s collection isn’t much, there are local record shops in Bali, but sometimes my Friends from Jakarta over me some.

How have you seen Hip Hop evolve and grow in Bali since you started DJing?
Hip Hop is Art, Style , and combine with lots of Elements, they grew before i born to be a DJ


How about the DJ Technology? what are you currently playing on now compared to 2 years ago, 5 years ago and when you started? Where do you see technology going next? How about your DJ Set up at home? What equipment is in Yoga Yin’s ultimate man cave?
From 2009 until now i still using Serato , and the thecnology of DJing will getting great and need more skills to handle them. My weapons at home are 2 Technics SL 1210 MK 2, with Vestax PMC -07 Pro as the Mixer, i use them to take a selfie only hahah LOL

Your playing every Wednesday night at Jenja’s infamous Urbanised night which is the strongest hip hop night on the island – how do your sets normally start out at Urbanised and compare your early sets to your closing / late night hip hop throwdowns?
Thank you for loving URBANIZED and HipHop Music ( Respect ), my set is dependent the crowd and the DJ stars those i drive, but most of mu sets are about old skool tunes hahaha

Besides your other appearances regularly at Jenja such as their Hush & Jungle Boogie where else can we catch you spinning in Bali? And before your residency at Jenja where was your main spot the local Bali hip hop enthusiasts could bust some moves to your beats too?
Before JENJA, i was residents DJ at Some clubs at Legian area , now you can hear my Set for Sunset at La Plancha, and Sunday night Seasson at La Favela

What about Yoga Yin’s family life? Do you want to share some of your family history with our readers? Where your from in Bali and your heritage? How about your children and brothers and sisters?
My family , i’m a Father and A Husband 🙂 1 Daughter ( for now ) and always 1 wife 😀 . I’m Balinese from Galiukir Pupuan – Tabanan, where the place still Green.

As a local person where do you like to go visit in Bali to relax and get away from the club and crazy traffic with your loved ones and on your days off?
We love to spend our quality time together, sometime we went to my parents house ( Pupuan ), maybe you should go too hahah , we have a good Balinese Coffee 🙂 , or sometimes we just chill at home.

What about some favourite local restaurants we can send some of our subsribes of on a scooter to try and find is some back alley of Denpasar?
Favourites local restaurants, Nasi Men Weti at Sanur is good and you must try Babi Guling in Bali .


Yoga Yin’s current top 10 ?
Top 10?? Nah,, we are at same levels 🙂 stand as one, walk side by side hahah RESPECT!

Anything we missed? please feel free to share some news from the Yoga Yin HQ that would should know about?

You can check my web for gigs info or etc , coming soon is our shop 🙂 at . Thank you for wasting your time hahah, see you around and please invite me to your gigs 🙂

Peace.! xxx


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