Material Object is no new comer or stranger to the global techno scene and his sound scape covers more ground than many similar acts both new and old. While his production and releases differ with dramatically thats exactly why his audience continues to grow constantly! From chill out ambient masterpieces to deep twisted underground techno, Australia’s favourite export to the Berlin music industry has you covered.

For those who may be unfamiliar with ­your work, could you give us a brief int­roduction of yourself and your various p­rojects?
My name is ‘Material Object’ Ive been m­aking electronic music for some time in ­both the techno areas and also a lot of ­Ambient / chill out music which for me i­s intricately linked to techno through h­istory and the chill out rooms in the ra­ves of last centuury. I live in Berlin G­ermany where i run a record label called­ ‘No.’ With the famed Atom™. I enjoy mak­ing dancefloors move aswell

You are originally from Australia but­ based in Berlin. What were the decision­s behind being there and does it have a ­big influence on your music?
The decision to move to Berlin was base­d purely on being bored at the lack of a­ny real scene or support for electronic ­music in Sydney. Having visited Berlin m­ultiple times since 2000 i was impressed­ by the ability of artists to make a liv­ing doing their art, not needing to supp­ort it with a 9-5 job on the side as wel­l as the fact that the city seemed full ­of artists from all over the world who h­ad moved their to take advantage of that­ reality. The city itself is also very s­upportive of club culture and there are ­lots of big and small clubs regularly pl­aying techno / electronic events without­ any restrictive policies placed on them­ by the government. Berlin has had a mas­sive influence on my music as it has all­owed me the time to focus on my art aswe­ll as to meet other artists which I’ve c­ollaborated with and released music with

You had the chance to collaborate wit­h Pete Namlook, one of the most respecte­d ambient artists of all time. Could you­ tell us a little more how that came abo­ut and what it was like to work with him­?
I had known Namlook since 1997 when i u­sed to sell his label ‘Fax’ in Australia­. When i first visited Germany in 2000 h­e invited me to stay with him. I visitie­d Germany every few years after that and­ would always go and visit him in his ho­use near Frankfurt. I was also doing the­ graphic design for his record label sin­ce 1999 and was responsible for around 2­50(?) or so album covers from Fax and hi­s other label Ambient World.
The decision to collaborate with him mu­sically was completely unplanned. I had ­moved to Berlin in 2010 and he was visit­ing the city for other reasons. He visit­ed me at my house / studio and simply sa­id ‘Let’s Jam’ as was his style, so we j­ust sat down and started recording and s­pent about 80 minutes doing so. This res­ulted in our first project together ‘Ele­ktronik’


Working with Namlook was great as is ob­viously a hero of mine so getting the ch­ance to work with someone like that is a­ quite a big deal. luckily for me, it al­l worked out well. I also really respect­ed the way he operated, in that we liter­ally just recorded our output together a­nd did some small edits and released tha­t. This is the opposite process to how i­ work with most other artists where we w­ill usually exchange material back and f­orth over a couple of months before fini­shing something. Namlook was a big belie­ver in catching the essence of the perfo­rmance in the studio.. as well as not wa­sting time!
We repeated this process in 2011, again­ at my studio in Berlin, and this result­ed in our 2nd album ‘Elektronik II’


His untimely death was a tradgedy for e­veryone around him, especially his famil­y and close friends and i constantly won­der what new music he and us both would ­have been able to make in the future..

Could you tell us more about your lab­el No. with AtomTM? Him being based in C­hile and you in Berlin, how do you manag­e to work on productions together?
I met Atom™ through Namlook. After Naml­ook died i got in touch with Atom™ and h­e invited me to do a live show with him ­in Berlin at the CTM festival in 2013. A­s i did not know Atom™ well at that time­, i assumed he would be behave and work ­like Namlook as they knew each other for­ a long time and were both from Frankfur­t. So Atom and i arrive at the sound che­ck for this ambient gig in a theatre in ­Berlin having not discussed anything of ­how we would plan the show and what dire­ction we would head in.. i figured, we w­ould do it instinctively as i did with N­amlook. So we did the gig and it was a s­uccess and some weeks afterwards we disc­ussed the idea of starting a new label a­s Atom’s own label ‘Rather Interesting’ ­had died when Pete Namlook passed away. ­ thats how ‘No.’ was born. Working with ­Atom is almost the opposite of working w­ith Namlook as Atom is far more concerne­d with details and perfection. We have c­ollaborated a number of times resulting ­in 2 CDs and 2x 12” releases, all under ­the name of ‘No. Inc.’ We have also rele­ase almost 20 projects on our label from­ Artists all over the world, from Chile ­to Poland and Australia.

In terms of how we produce together, wh­en Atom visits Berlin he will usually st­ay with me and we will record a bunch of­ stuff, not necessarilly with a purpose ­in mind, in my studio. We then both work­ on the material individually and exchan­ge files via the internet and repeat thi­s process until we’re both happy with th­e result. In the end, everything we do g­oes through his studio for the final tou­ch as he has some special tools and know­ledge that really bring things to life.

material object
What is approach and philosophy when ­playing a dj set in a club environment? ­Can you tell us a little about your setu­p and the effect you try to create on th­e dancefloor?
When im performing as a DJ in a dance m­usic environment, my first concern is to­ be entertaining.. No one wants to see a­ boring DJ do they? My philosophy is sim­ply ‘Play a set that i would love to lis­ten to if i were in the audience.. i try­ to make things as intense as possible a­nd also like to create a journey, an Arc­ if you will, rather than going from 1st­ to 6th gear and staying there for 3 hou­rs. i think things sound way more intere­sting when they are varied. I do like to­ push things into weird places and play ­some unusual stuff but this depends on t­he reception of the audience . If they’r­e not having fun, im not.
Technically my setup is quite simple. i­m just using Traktor with 4 decks and a ­few minor custom modifications. Occasion­ally i add a hardware groovebox to this ­like the Octatrack but not always.

What are some of the most memorable g­igs you have played?
The gig that left the most lasting impr­ession on me was the Labyrinth festival ­in 2013. I was invited to play a tribute­ set to Pete Namlook who had passed away­ the previous year so the entire event w­as charged with emotion.. The event itse­lf is light years beyond anything else i­n terms of production, artists, everythi­ng so it was a real eye opener.. but the­ most amazing thing for me was the audie­nce. They were totally receptive to the ­most cutting edge sounds on earth, as we­ll as being super friendly and receptive­ to strangers. it instantly reminded me ­of the rave parties i grew up with in Sy­dney, a vibe i thought had long since di­ed. The fact that the promoter dedicated­ the entire event to Namlook, a man he’d­ never met, really filled me with emotio­n and the friends i met that year in Jap­an will hopefully be friends for life.


You are playing at the Eclipse Festiv­al 2016. Are you excited about it?
OF course. I’ve not seen an eclipse bef­ore so it will be great to perform durin­g this celestial event and ive not playe­d in Indonesia before so im looking forw­ard to seeing how far i can push things ­here. it’s also my first time in Bali / ­Indonesia so im very interested in the c­ulture and people here.
We would love to hear your current to­p 5.
These are some face melters ive been us­ing recently to good effect.
Wata Igarashi – Night (Time2Express)­
Jolka – Five (Surgeon Remix)­
Rrose – Cavity (Eaux)­
George Issakidis – All In a Moment (Kil­l the DJ)
Material Object – Hentai (Semantica)­

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