Arguably Northern Ireland’s hottest export, DJ/Producer Junior J has carved himself a career many other 20 year olds can only dream of. Since the age of 17, Jay Hamilton has worked relentlessly forcing people to sit up and take notice of this young musical aficionado who has the passion and talent to go all the way.

Catching the eyes and ears of the most influential in the industry, he’s definitely got what it takes to be one of the new generation’s most exciting DJ/Producers. A lot can, and has happened in three years, and with a storming new house track forthcoming on Spinnin Deep, Junior J is only just getting started.

Hi Jay – first up, where in the world are you today?
Hi, I am currently in Northern Ireland, my home country.

What’s the scene like in your home town?
I live in a small town so it’s nothing exciting, however, there is a great music scene in Northern Ireland. Our #1 club is Lush! in Portrush where I am actually a resident DJ, that is the place where it all began for me.

Keep It Comin is a huge tune – what was it like the first time you played it out?
Amazing, I played it at a big show with over 1000 people there, the feedback was awesome and it made everyone dance, I was happy with that!

What advice would you give to an aspiring producer who wants to get their track signed to Spinnin?
Work hard, Spinnin for me are the best dance music label in the world, so it’s extremely hard to get on to their radars, however, if your music is good enough they will take it. Just work hard and be as creative as possible.

What’s the current studio setup like?
I work from home with my laptop and midi keyboards, then I work in another studio which is fully kitted out. I work on Ableton, with such amazing technology nowadays it’s mostly all software.

You’re soon heading out to Indonesia for a couple of dates – is this your first time playing in Asia and Bali?
Yes, it’s going to be my first time and I am really excited. I have heard there is a great scene over there, I can’t wait!

Junior J – Keep It Comin is available now:

What have you heard about the scene over here?
It’s a bit different to Northern Ireland! I have heard it is amazing, I know some DJs that have been out and said it’s awesome. I also see a lot of A-list DJs touring over there, so I am really looking forward to it.

Where do you see electronic music heading into 2017?
If I’m honest, I have no idea – if I had that knowledge I’d be a rich man! The scene changes so much, genres are changing every day, it will be very interesting to see what it’s like in 2017. I think festivals are getting bigger, and there are a lot of great new producers coming up.

And what else have you got in the pipeline?
Lots of new music, I have more tracks coming with Spinnin Records, and some new remixes also. I just want to do as many gigs as possible and see different parts of the world.

Thanks Jay!



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