In a land thats been dominated by the EDM movement in recent years things are starting to shift for the better in Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta and there is one lady who’s dedication and consistant hard work is starting to pay of while fighting the underground movement. Ninda Farina has choosen her own path and after a quick stalk of her profile online she is ticking all the right boxes for a big career ahead of her. Playing along Jamie Jones, Claude Von Stroke & Claptone on the underground stage for Jakarta’s biggest annual event DWP is true testament to the belief the industry heavyweights around her have. Constantly touring headlining shows on a weekly basis, a huge single currently doing the rounds, numerous nomination awards and now our most prestigious recognition the ‘local spotlight’ its only a matter of time before the Ninda Felina infectious groove crosses your path too.

Techno is becoming stronger and stronger in Indonesia overall! While its no secret the genre has a strong following in Bali how about in Jakarta ? How have you seen the club shows and events grow in recent times?Where are the places that are really happening right now for the more tech flavoured tunes?
I think underground movement in jakarta is getting even more prominent especially clubs and djs are really produced such distinct gimmick so simultaneously it drove people to the core of its techno scene. I am applauding to ETV team whos so consistently developing underground scene so they, undoubtedly deserve to win “best serieal event of paranoia awards 2015”

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How about elsewhere in Indonesia? Where else are you seeing some great underground parties starting to happen? Both clubs and cities? Any particular event or booking lately thats really blown you away that was unexpected?
I might say : Yogyakarta. Last January I met some people who really captivated me. They totally rocked their set. The audience also served up good appreciation.

How do your sets differ from each city? Are you playing different variations of all things techno city dependant? What are your using as your DJ set up on the road? USB’s? Serato?? and your preferred headphones of choice?
What does change is how I present the music, how I play it. I love music that is not predictable and that feels like it’s going in one direction but then takes a U-Turn and goes in another. I only play with USB. And i use headphone sennheiser hd 25 – sp II

While EDM has had a strong hold globally and especially in Jakarta for a number of years what do you see as the next big sound to break it to the mainstage events in your hood now that the EDM bubble is starting to burst?
I believe that house music is back again. But techno is always my fave style. Dan semua orang akan terbiasa dengan musik yang bagus apabila kita selalu mengedukasi mereka dengan kualitas musik yg baik. In House & Techno we trust 🙂

You just released your latest single? Tell us about how you come up with the title and where your inspiration come from to write the tune?

It comes across in a very unpredictable, spontaneous way, with my inspiration as a central point. My single called heliophilia was crafted under the power of the sun which always delivers perfection in life. Its a journey of the mind derived from a series of trips of mine to collaborate and create musical arts with nature.

What about your studio set up at home or wherever it might located.
What equipment are you using the write your releases with? How about wish list for next Synth to join your studio if you had the choice and cash good to go?

At the moment my setup is humble enough to create my own sound, but my goals is to have a pretty sick numbers of synth and my own studio music to produce. Logic pro has a lot to offer for me since I started to produce my own sound and as a hungry young producer like me. I’m craving to get more synth to explore. I have a long wish list for those studio gear. For now a pair of genelec or vocal studio monitor speakers would be nice so my ears can relax a bit.

Top 5 for Ninda Felina right now?

Orbital – belfast, keiji shimazaki – sound of osaka, Pink floyd – another brick in the wall, land of light – higher love (the backwoods remix), acamar – frankey & sandrino

How about your first 5 records you ever purchased? And how do you see them influencing what your currently playing in your sets and your production in the studio?
I always play what I feel like playing. I don’t plan my sets all that much. I prefer to just feel the moment and feed off that. The most important thing is to find great music that will resonate with my musical vision in the sense of groove, texture, and spirit.

And if you had to single out 1 tune thats never grow old on you what is it any why??
David bowie – lets dance. No matter where and when i dropped this song. It always gets me big smiles.

Anything we should be listening out for in your next show at Track 9’s much anticipated grand re-opening? Maybe your newest unreleased tunes or a special edit you been working on?
Calm down just come and listen :p

Whats next for Ninda Felina?
At the moment i’m preparing an EP and collaborating with several producer pals in Jakarta, so watch this space. Down the line Im also a host of a adventure tv show which is an absolutely fresh start.


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