Being born and raised in Brazil while also half Japanese, DJ and model Gaby Endo isn’t shy of distinct global endeavor. With a tech and deep house blend running through her blood, the now Hong Kong residing DJ is taking Asia and its neighbors to another musical level, running her own branded parties and showcasing her devout record collection to dance floor enthusiasts. 2015 saw Gaby Endo highlight the anticipated ‘Events in China’ panel at the debuting IMS China, where her global knowledge of underground scenes has translated perfectly into Asia and beyond. Relishing in the culturally diverse territory, Gaby has whole heartedly embraced musically educated dance floors while also inviting newcomers to the tech and deep house world. As co-founder of Love&Beats and the Rewind rooftop parties in Hong Kong, there is no stopping the road ahead for Gaby, taking her signature sound to the people. Influenced by her latin roots and Brazilian background, her tech-lined sets are full of energy, build around warm melodies, ethnic elements and rhythmics that occasionally delve into a tribal and mystical fell. Shadowing sonic influences of Luciano, DJ Koze, Matthew Dekay and Guti to name a few, the soul pleasing odyssey her club sets lure are a classy affair making her downright infectious. Music has been a powerful tool for herself and societies around her, bringing together the energy and life the positive effects of sound can inspire. Travelling across the world from Brazil it is without a doubt the experiences she carries and shares with her electronic enthusiasts are memorable, as she has recently told Pulse Radio in an exclusive interview previously. Her bill spots at Volar Hong Kong, Jimmy’s in Monte Carlo, Project Mykonos and the Rewind Rooftop parties in Hong Kong are only the beginning of the musical sunrises she has devoured, leaving nothing but an extensive party calendar to come. 2016 has already started in an exciting way, having recently shared stage with &ME at REWIND, Hong Kong and Hot Since 82 at Dragon Fly, Jakarta. Gaby is now working on her first productions.. and we can only imagine what is going to come out of her “love lab”.


” Love is the guiding energy and a feeling of connectedness with ourselves and with the whole is what i try to pass through music… To create a meaningful experience where people can take something positive from it and leave something positive behind. “

Your half Brazilian where you were born but are also half Japanese how did you end up in Hong Kong?
I was born in Sao Paulo Brazil, my mom is Brazilian and dad Japanese. I moved to Asia 13 years ago for modeling. For this reason i got to travel a lot and live in many countries , like Thailand , Philippines, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong was of those places. I eventually connected more with Hong Kong and ended up making it my base in Asia.

How is the scene in Hong Kong right now? Asia in general is booming for the electronic music industry but we love hearing about the cool clubs that arent on the radar across the press? Just like those serious late night techno clubs we cant get enough of and somewhere cool to go thats a bit more chilled before hitting the main event?
Hong Kong’s scene is pretty interesting now too and its probably one of the main pieces that contribute for this booming in Asia. More than ever there are a few Pr’s and party brands working consistently on bringing great artists of different genres into HK , and making the nights here interesting and enjoyable for both the house and techno lovers. There are people inputing great energy into the scene but the here the main problem in my view is the limited option of club venues to throw really epic or of radar parties. The rents are too expensive and there are many restrictions , like noise issues, licensing, etc.. This is one of the reasons why we created the REWIND rooftop parties and its been a great success for 1 year already.. Its outdoors , during the day, fun decoration and eventually changing locations and always discovering new and unusual venues. Its something different with a fresh concept and ppl really embraced it. For the late techno nights and more ” of radar ” i would say Oma is the favorite. I like the atmosphere of Ping Pong and Mitte for pre drinks .

Is this your first time playing in Bali? What have you heard about the club scene here?
No, i played at Woo bar at the W, on New years day this January, and also a sunset magical set at 707 beach bern. I hear good stuff about the scene there and the line ups i keep seeing popping up on FB events from the clubs in Bali are always great!

Both the amazing late night house clubs and the world renowned beach clubs Bali is becoming very famous for?
A unique atmosphere they have made up by consistent great line ups, and a beautiful music lovers crowd. And for the beach clubs, we cant forget about the Bali sunsets making every set much more special.

Your playing this weekend at Track 9 and after their first week of opening last weekend things are shaping up for a big one again. Is there anything you would like to share with us about your latest sets? Maybe some new tunes that you have just picked up that we should be keeping a ear out for?
Yes, im very happy to be part of the beginning of the Track 9’s journey and really looking forward to my gig there this weekend!! Bali is one of my favorite places on earth and its always good to be back there.. specially when i get to play music !

How about your 2016 top 5 so far?
1. Roman Flügel – 9 Years (DJ Koze Remix)
2. Bedouin, Pattern Drama – Spiral Eyes
3. Junot (Original Mix) – Djeff Afrozila
4. Moorthon I (Original Mix) – Frank Wiedemann
5. Belles Du Shaman (Eagles & Butterflies Remix) – Brian Cid

How do you describe your usual sets, We read online your in touch with your tribal roots and influences and being from Brazil and having such a amazing history how do you express that in your music and share that with the people around you both in and out of the club? The genre/s you play?
It depends on the place, the crowd I have in front of me.. the time, line up… its always moving, its a reflexion of all those elements combined together, guided by my intuition. Deep house or more tech lined, depending on the energy i want to bring; my sets are likely to have a tribal and mystic feeling and are filled with lots of drums, organic sounds, melodies, or even some deep and minimal techno beats and more experimental sounds sometimes. I think having a Brazilian background and also spending 12 years traveling the world really play a big part on my musical influences . Brazilian music is truly amazing and beautiful, from the energy of samba and Batucada to the love and soul of Bossa Nova. I cant stop getting inspired by that.

What about outside of DJing what else are you up to in Hong Kong any side projects on the go? Both inside and outside of the music industry?
I opened a costumes shop, Harmonia with my amazing partner Dani. From tribal to futuristic styles, we work with very unique pieces. Its a online shop but we base in Hong Kong. Check it out!
Music wise im still running the REWIND rooftop/warehouse parties. Lots of exciting things for Rewind on the way this year.. locations, line ups.. stay tuned on our page

Any plans for some production from Gabi Endo? Anything we can check out online or keep a ear out for?
Yes many plans… im starting to work on some solo projects and collaborations with other artists and musicians . So you should see some releases coming out through the year… Its really ecxiting to get into this world! i can finally translate my inspirations and feelings into music.

Whats next for you ?

Productions, travel, play, connect and share my love through music…



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