Guy Brewer aka Shifted has been making music for over a decade under various projects and monikers. After the dissolution of his esteemed group Commix, Brewer uprooted his UK drum n bass beginnings and transplanted himself to Berlin, where he discovered and reveled in freedom of expression that techno could offer to his artistic vision. Shifted was born closely followed by the founding of his label Avian which today catalogs releases by avant guarde techno artists from Sweedish act of the year SHXCXCHCXSH, Sigha, and of course Shifted’s own releases.

Tell us about the craziest situation in a club while playing.
Actually the night before i played at Goethebunker, i was in St. Petersburg and the club was raided by Russian drug enforcement police. I had some guy in a mask carrying a gun, screaming at me telling me to turn off the music, obviously i didn’t protest too much. All worked out in the end tho, we carried the party over to another club, so i at least got to play some records. It seems this kind of thing happens offer there quite a lot, and usually its because a rival promoter has payed the police to end another party.

Nowadays, do you think that being a good Techno producer requires one to be primarily a good technician?
Obviously, a certain level of technical knowledge is required. But when things sound too smooth they end up being excessive.
It does not interest me to have the perfect mix for clubs, I think the dynamics and movement are much more important.

Your songs are always made of a loop which varies with texture and sounds. How do you consider the musicality in your work?
In my work, I attach great importance to the textures and movements rather than worrying about the musicality. I do not use a keyboard and I do not waste time working on the melodies. In fact, many elements of my pieces that may sound melodic are just distorted percussion. I am satisfied when I can turn things in a way that seems new and interesting to me. Perpetual loops lock in the listener. The music I composed before the Techno was made of more rigid structures so it is now very liberating to be able to forget it completely.

Your projects and labels are growing fast recently. Why do you think this is happening now?
I don’t really know why, maybe the music that I put out on my label Avian just very in vogue right now. When I look at the frequency of things, I realize that I write a lot of music, as do the people of whom I am surrounded with in Avian. I love the creative aspect of running a label. Working with artists, creating a vibe around the various elements, artworks, etc. It’s interesting because when Avian started it was not the idea at all, we just wanted to get out records in time but things have grown so fluidly into what it is today.

List some kind of all times favs from your point of view please.
1. Labrat XL – Labrat 3
2. Plastikman – Marbles
3. Regis – Sand
4. Twighlight Ritual – Tears On The Wall


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