It would be very easy to get Claudia totally wrong. On paper she doesn’t seem shy and modest.
The model started her career since she was 12 and enjoyed expressing herself through music and dancing at a very early age.
When people ask “When did you become a DJ?”, she replied… “DJing has been my inspiration for years and now it’s my time to show the world of Me” Positive energy is what is Claudia all about…When you have an attitude and vibe like Claudia you already can feel the burning “Caliente Latina” vibration into the air.
Claudia loves to explore, delivering more to the crowd with the best of pumping house music combining with touch of latin and stompy percussions, focusing on passionate ‘suave’ elements and energetic moods with each track.

You been based in for indonesia exactly how long now ? How have you seen the Indo dance industry grow over the past few years ? How do you compare bali to Jakarta ?
I have been a DJ since 2010 . I prefer bali night life obviously , more fun , update and so many more place to choose.

Any plans for any production in the near future ? Anything we should be keeping a ear out for ?
I just released my latest EP , Q’PASA (original mix) with the collaboration of Angga Saputra from Jakarta on the remix of my new track .
Here is the link so u can enjoy our techno 🙂

What’s your favourite top 4 artists ?
Loco Dice
Adam Beyer
Jeff Mills
Gary Back

This is your first time playing at the newly renovated track 9.. What have you heard about balis latest nightclub addition and what do you have planned for us ?
Yes its the first time playing in Track 9 , im very excited about it cause i have heard lots of positive stuff about the club , and well u know , photos on social media also says all . Im going to bring just fun for the night , playing some deep house combine with tech house and techno of course . Cant hardly wait!

What else you up to in Bali after the show ?
Im looking forward to try local food after the show and visit cool places known as the best in Bali .

Can you tell us where you are originally from and how the party scene is there ? Any famous or well known DJs from around your hood ?
Im from Colombia , America Latin.. Party scene there is pretty much aggressive , we party everyday until the sun comes out and even later , us we all know Colombia is a very open minded country , so people in having crazy fun out there.
Any famous from Colombia? Hmm Pablo Escobar? But well , he wasnt a DJ lol just kidding .. Lots of good talents in Colombia , Mario Ochoa is one of my fav DJ from there 🙂

How about out of DJing and modelling industry anything else Claudia jaramillo has brewing that you want to tell us about ?
When im not djing or doing photoshoots , i love to spend time with family, maybe doing some sports and trying to stay in a healthy track.

What are 3 things your cannot travel without ?
3 things that i cant travel without
Well im a very simple person , im not really attached to many things , i just need a good music on my ipod and off to go 💃

Thank u guys for ur time . See u all on Friday!
Hasta la vista 😉

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