What can party people expect from your set, styles and sounds?
I am looking forward to seeing the reaction to some new tracks which have not been released yet! I don’t like to plan too much for my sets, as I think it’s very important to read the crowd and play accordingly. I am super excited for this event because I think my tracks will fit really well to the surroundings.

Do you have any secret weapons you can share with us ?
I recently had the honour to remix the legendary Faithless track ‘I Was There’. I have been playing it in my live sets and honestly it gives me the chills every time!


How does it feel to have been working in Techno/tech house for the past 6 years and what are you proudest moments/memories of your career so far and why ?
Playing at Ultra Music Festival was a big moment for me! I closed one of the stages there, and the crowd was amazing. Also playing at other amazing festivals like Mysteryland USA. It was very special to play on the Woodstock grounds, and the crowd was just fantastic. I was extremely lucky to have been selected for the Coachella lineup this year. I honestly couldn’t believe my ears when I initially heard the news! It’s been a long journey to the point I am at today, but I feel extremely lucky to pursue this as a career, and I am loving it.

2015 was an incredible year what with your ‘Into The Wild’ EP, which included the colossal ‘U Got My Body’, that turned heads with its exotic flare and deep house beat, ‘Saltwater (Rework)’,which remained in the Top 50 of the Beatport Top 100 Charts, for months after its release. Then with your rendition of Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank’s ‘Shades Of Grey’ premiered by Radio 1’s Pete Tong and now the ‘Morning Dew’ EP was selected as Pete Tong’s first Essential New Tune of this Year.

Which tracks in your career are you particularly proud of and why? And are you psyched about any new stuff upcoming?
I am very proud of ‘Morning Dew’. It is a very special track for me and even after playing it so many times, it still touches me! It’s amazing to see the crowd react to it, as it is somewhat of a musical journey! I am also really proud of the remix of ‘I Was There’ by Faithless. Being able to rework such a classic was simply incredible – and as I mentioned it manages to give me chills every time I listen to it. I am very much looking forward to the release of my new ‘Lake Arrowhead’ EP on the 25th April. I have been playing the tracks in my live & radio sets, and they have been getting very good feedback so far. 🙂

What was your first break and can you talk us through how that came about? Did this break set you on your path into music?
I think the big break was definitely with ‘Come With Me’ in 2013. This track was really the one that gained a lot of attention from people all over the world, and still to this day people love the track. I had been making music for a while before that and was really enjoying the producing side of things, but ‘Come With Me’ definitely changed things as that was when I started getting more booking requests.

You grew up in South Africa and moved to Switzerland and how much of an influence were your neighbourhoods and were there any other major influences such as key people, DJ’s, producers or clubs etc ?
I will always be massively inspired by South Africa. I love living in Switzerland, it’s a great place – but I do really miss the nature and wild life that South Africa has to offer. When making my tracks, I try to incorporate some of those elements into my tracks and create a feeling or desire for exotic places and wildlife.

Can we get your 5 HOT TRACKS with youtube or soundcloud links please?
1) Cut Snake – Hocus Pocus
2) Sons Of Maria – Chimera
3) Nora En Pure – Lake Arrowhead
4) Faithless – I Was There (NEP remix)
5) Milk & Sugar – African Day (Calippo Remix)

Before you leave can you please tell us what we should be listening to before your set at Kudeta, Bali?
Please head over to my SoundCloud to check my tracks and my new EP (on the 25th)! Also, have a listen to my Purified Radio Show which you can find on iTunes! Looking forward to it 🙂


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