Tell us about Fuente Records history firstly your own record label that consistently puts out high quality house music? When did it start and what inspired you to start a record label?
It’s been more than 10 years since I was in San Francisco. Many djs and producers there were running their own labels and I recognised that it is also the way to express my music. I would have started the label earlier but I just felt like ’NOW’, it is the reason.

How have you noticed things change as things developed further and further into the digital age?Do you have some advice for anyone else whos thinking about starting a record label to stay ahead of the game?
Now everyone got tools such as the internet, PC and valuable instruments to make music as same as top producers got. When you wanted to make music, it is the moment you become an artist. Let’s move now not later!


How about vinyl? Are you guys pressing any vinyl? Do you have any plans to with the whole vinyl resurgence?Can you tell us a bit more about the whole vinyl process vs getting music ready to sell as a digital download on a platform like itunes or beatport?
I love vinyl and still playing with them sometimes. Also planning to press some vinyl catalogs, too. But my concern is the quality of sound which is not stable by pressing plants and releasing schedule.
The good side of digital releasing is we can deliver the studio-sounding-quality to your devices with no sound changing. The technology of pressing vinyl is not big differences for 3-40 years.

We had a listen to your latest track with Lisa Taylor. Really nice vibes and would go down a treat across most clubs in Bali at the right time. Is this your first release with Lisa? How did you guys meet since? Any more plans in the future?
Glad to hear that, thank you. Lisa was looking for a remixer for her own R&B songs a couple years ago that she worked on it at Sonic Vista Studios in Ibiza owned by Henry Sarmiento, the roomie back in San Francisco time.
And I worked on 2 remixes for her that are available on her web site. Of course another song is already done and getting ready for putting out on Fuente Music!

How about your studio set up? Are you using any hardware and vintage synths? What is your favourite piece of studio equipment you have picked up on your travels? How about with you track with Lisa Taylor ‘Right Here’ is there anything in particular within that track you can pinpoint to your studio we can listen out for?

Hardwears… I used own more than 20 synths, 24ch big mixer, tons of outboard effectors and DAT, MTRs. But now only few vintages such as DX7, JUNO106, 808, 909, Pro-One… Even those sounds will be processed on DAW and they will be tweaked on it. So I’m not really into these for now so far.. When I travel, I need to be with a quality headphones , PHONON SMB-01. Check out ‘JT and Hideo remix’ of Right Here, you can enjoy JT’s hardware-based my digital-based Hybrid sounding.

Whats your current top 5 you are playing in your club shows and we can listen out for at Track 9 this weekend?
I can’t say 5 but some in my mind for sure from my label are
‘You Do You’ (Jay-J Shifted Up Dub) – Hideo Kobayashi, Cinnamon Denise
‘Look For Light’ (Eric Ericksson Dub) – Hideo Kobayashi, COLDFEET
‘When Love Was Infinite’ (Eric Kupper Dub) Hideo Kobayashi, Christa

When was the last time you were in Bali and what have you heard about the clubs and industry here lately and in particular Track 9, Bali’s newest additional to a very vibrant clubbing scene.?
I visited some new venues which were playing even EDM but I think the since seems very interesting for me. Things are moving here and it is the most important I think. Been conservative is boring, you know? Also I heard that more local friends are into Track 9 and that sounds very exciting to me!

How about the shows at home? Where are you from exactly and how are all the shows and bookings going out that way? How have you seen things change within your own turf in the past 5 years
I’m busy working on Fuente Music thing at the studio and not playing every week like before for now. Also my Techno alias H.I.D. got some big projects, too. So after the label launch tour with Eric Kupper last February, I’ve been a studio-freak. People start clubbing with EDM 5 years ago are grown up and they choose their own favorite music. That movement that might be called ‘neo summer of love’ but it is already done for me.

BALIAMO project

Any producers from your home country that you want to give a chance to shine thru and tell our audience about in Bali?
We are always looking for new music and love to hear from other producers who they are really into right now. Midori Aoyama, a male DJ and producer plays good taste house music. He works for my label as an A&R, too. He also starts his own label soon. Also techno duo Drunken Kong is great for techno parties. They just remixed one of H.I.D. track called SSKN, released from Organism in Switzerland.

Whats up next for you as a producer and your label? Any new collaborations or remixes?

Grammy nominated producer based in NYC, Jay-J sent me back a great remix for our next release. Also a bran new song on s coming up with Rasmus Faber soon!


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