A passion for music is evident, carefully crafting audio with feeling and emotion. SevenDoors is very much a concept, developed over many years and now ready to be unleashed upon the dance community. His track ’Movement Of Whale’ (out on Diynamic) was among the Top 10 Tunes at Sankeys Ibiza for the last season. Solomun played this is every single set and chose it to close the cocoon terrace in his back to back set with Sven vath. With fans across various scenes it is no wonder SevenDoors has been labelled by so many as the one to watch and excitement constantly grows for this mysterious figure. One of the fastest rising Producers at the moment is the elusive SevenDoors.

Could you introduce yourself to our readers?
My name is SevenDoors and I am DJ and Producer from the UK.

Congrats on ‘Movement of Whale.’ We are always thrilled when beautiful tracks like this one blow up because of strong support from well-established artists. How did Solomun get the track in the first place?
Yes it has been amazing how well received the track has been, considering that I feel it sounds very different to what else is around right now. Solomun was sent the track december 2014 and since that point he has played it heavily in the majority of his sets over the last 6 months. The support he has shown to my work has been incredible.

The name for the track is pretty unique. Could you tell us about how you made it, and where the name comes from?
The track was made days after someone very close to me passed away, and this track was a celebration and tribute to the life and the impact this person had on me. This is why the track possesses in it so much feeling. I think many in their own way could relate to the emotion the track brings. Why I decided to call the track like this is something I can’t share now, but maybe one day.

Have you had a chance to meet much of the Diynamic family? What are they all like?
Funnily enough I have seen Solomun DJ many times, long before i signed my track to diynamic. His sets are always something to behold.

For those of our readers who are less familiar with your other music, what two songs should they listen to and why?
I had a recent track out on exploited ghetto titled ‘Forget You‘. This was also heavily played by Solomun this year and is worth checking it. Its a real crowd pleaser when dropped in a club.

My 2nd track would have to be a new remix i just finished for pete tongs FFRR records. Its a remix of a Icarus track and It just got its debut on bbc radio 1. It is something i am very excited about and cant wait for the release.


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