With 150 + editions of the Deepcast podcast how did the project first come together and what were your intentions and plans when you originally started it? Did you ever imagine gaining such a huge audience and reaching legend status?
Legend status, haha! That’s really nice of you. I started the project with my friend Andy Hart back in 2009 as little podcast and blog that was primarily meant to be a platform for our friends doing cool things here at home, but since there were only a handful of podcasts around at the time showcasing the kind of artists and music that we were, we quickly grew a healthy niche following both here and abroad. Andy has now moved on and is absolutely killing it with his label Voyage over in Berlin, but I’ve continued the project to its current form where we have an unbelievable worldwide following and a real platform to help upcoming Australian artists get their music heard, so I’m pretty proud of that. The easiest place to hear the podcasts as they come out is by following MDC on Soundcloud.

If you had to pick one Deepcast that really you could recommend checking out to our audience which one would it be?
Music From Memory boss Jamie Tiller made a really beautiful contribution a few months back, that’s one that I always come back to when the sun is out!

In Melbourne where are you playing regularly? How about parties off the beaten track that are really underground and intimate?

I’m a resident at a little spot in the city in Melbourne called Boney, for the weekly Saturday I run called Lost Weekend. We’ve actually had a lot of similar artists play in recent times: Jonny Nash, András, Babicka, Tornado Wallace, Noise In My Head to name just a few.
The best underground festivals we have down here are a little bit out of Melbourne… Inner Varnika and Strawberry Fields are my favourites!

What does your studio set up consist of?

It’s pretty limited, but I have a few bits and pieces like a Roland Juno-60, Roland TR-707, Roland TB-3, Waldorf Blofeld, Korg X5D and Ableton to sequence.

How about your hardware wish list what’s next on the shopping list when budget allows?
I just got myself a Korg Minilogue so that should keep me occupied for a little while (once it arrives)…

What about on the road? What are you using to perform with and how about getting down some quick ideas for the return to the studio once you touch back down into Melbourne?
I generally play a mix of vinyl and digital, and use Ableton which is always handy to get ideas down with, but to be honest I’m most looking forward to escaping Melbourne winter for a minute and just totally chilling out in your beautiful country.

Currently what’s the longest running one tune in your sets?
Playing weekly at the same spot here in Melbourne I try to pack a different set of records with me each week to keep it interesting for both me and the regular crowd, but one that hasn’t left the bag in recent times is ‘Divine’ by Golden Teacher.

How about your current top 5?

Workdub – The Odyssey

Leron Carson – Lemonlime

Sleep D – Karingal (dub)

Johnick – Johnick Planet

Turner Street Sound – Stoned Mix

Is this your first time to Bali? What have you heard about the shows here and in particular Potato Heads events including their Sun Down Circle concept?
Yes this is my first time, so I’m pretty excited! From all reports Potato Head is the absolute best beach club in Bali, and Sun Down Circle has played host to a healthy chunk of my favourite producers and DJs to date!

How about King Britt? Is this your first show with him? What tunes are you into from his crazy discography?

This will be my first time playing with or seeing King Britt play, but my word he is a legendary dude, so I can’t wait to see him do his thing!
King Britt’s 2003 remix of ‘David’ by Gus Gus is one of the most timeless house records you’ll hear.

Myles Mac you must have some new material once again due out soon? Beside the Deepcast editions that you’re currently working on, what else can we keep a ear out for and might get a debut for its first Bali airing at Sun Down Circle?
I’ve been trying to fit in as much studio time in as possible lately on top of organizing a weekly club night here in Melbourne called Lost Weekend, so I’m getting closer to having a collection of new material ready to share with the world. I’ll be playing as much new music as possible from some of my crazily talented Melbourne producer mates, so you can look forward to that!


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