Over the past 24 months elusive Bristol based producer and DJ dubspeeka has put down a statement of intent for the coming years as he has effortlessly broken through into the techno community’s collective consciousness.
His productions have a deep refreshing rawness that affirm a lifetime of fine-tuning his ear in the studio. Garnering the respect of his peers via releases on Drumcode, Last Night On Earth and of course his own Skeleton imprint.

Darren Beale is no stranger to the music industry. As one of the producers in International electronic music group Kosheen for much of the noughties, he was responsible for two Gold selling albums, and a string of international hits. But as Kosheen wound down at the start of the decade, Darren still had a scratch to itch. Having grown up listening to Drum & Bass (and producing under an earlier alias), and early rave and hardcore, it is not surprising that he always also had an eye and ear on the techno scene during his time in Kosheen.
So a shift in focus in the studio engendered the dubspeeka alias, and a lifetime of studio work and producing across various genres have resulted in a mature, polished and original style of techno that is exciting his peers and fans alike.

Working with labels like Drumcode must be a dream come true? How do you work on specific tunes and target them to certain labels or do you send finished releases out to your first label of choice and hope for the best? Any more releases or Drumcode workings on the way?
I don’t really think about labels when I’m writing, I just do what feels good for me at that moment in time. But when I come to sending stuff out I’ll filter the tunes to fit the label, but I often include some curveballs and see what happens.
I have something coming up on Drumcode Ltdwhich is vinyl only. It’s called ‘sk30’ and includes a great remix by Markus Suckut.

How did you come up with the name dubspeeka as we love it?
Made it up,it’s tricky sometimes to get a name that is unique, soI find the best way to do this is to make up words and play with the way they react with each other. Its worked so far!!

What’s your current top 5?
Desta Cullen – 1 Below
Someone Outside – Underworld
Markee Ledge – Carnival (Addison Groove remix)
RadioSlave – Vision
RNBWS – Recovery (dubspeeka remix)


What’s the first vinyl record you ever purchased and how can we hear that influencing your production in the current day and age?
I can’t remember the first vinyl but I do remember a lot of the productions around when I started buying. A raw quality which I definitely try and include in my productions. I think a lot of music is so over produced nowadays. I’ve started to just jam stuff out and press record!

Is there something in the water someone’s not telling us about in Bristol your hometown as the amount of good music that comes outta that place is ridiculous? What makes Bristol such a production town? How about any talent coming out of Bristol or on the rise that we should be keeping our ears open for?
I’m not sure why this is, there is a lot of diversity in culture here, lots of different musical styles all being fused together so maybe that has something to do with it. Keep an ear out for Hodge who is doing some great stuff at the moment.


What about your label Skeleton Recordings? Whats been your favourite release on the label from both yourself and exciting signed artist to your imprint?
I think my favourite release was my Outland EP. I was really happy with that whole release and it had a very wide musical reach. I’ve just signed another EP from Someone Outside which is stunning, watch out for this guy. I also have something very special lined up for the next release so keep an eye out for that also. Should be out at the end of July.

You’re no stranger to the spotlight with being part of the globally famous Kosheen outfit. How did you find the changeover process and do you find people expect a lot from you with already a steady amount of success in the past?
I kept my past with Kosheen very close to my chest whilst I was starting dubspeeka. I wanted to start fresh with no baggage;it’s only now that people are surprised that I was a part of Kosheen which is the way I wanted it to happen.


Is this your first time to Bali? What have you heard about the clubs here? The industry and the island in general outside of the party scene?
This is my first time in Bali, I’ve just landed and already I love it. The vibe, the hustle and the bustle. I’m really looking forward to playing atJenja, I think it’s going to be a good party. I’ll let you know how it goes.

What are your plans to do in between shows in Bali and Thailand? Surely a million things on the bucket list to check out?
Firstly I just want to chill, it’s been a hectic few days in Australia. I plan to explore Bali as I have a few days here, it’s an adventure. I’m not a huge beach fan so I’ll probably head in land and see what I can find.



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