It began in the USA at the end of the 90’s, where Chicago house and Detroit Techno legends; Paul Johnson, Derrick Carter, Juan Atkins, Slater Hogan, Kevin Saunderson and the like showed him the light.. There was no turning back. The new Millenium saw Ben relocating to the UK and regularly DJing all over town with all the big boys such as Steve Lawler, Hernan Cattaneo, Danny Howells, Layo & bushwacka and Sasha.

After a decade of being heavily involved in all aspects of Europes club culture, A new adventure was calling – Sydney Australia was next, where he worked with Funktion One and built his own party BLUEPRINT, considered one of the cities best underground parties today. In his own words ‘ve always looked for melody and journey in all music  I listen to and play, dj sets are a story”  b the writing is already on the wall for whats ahead at Koh this weekend as the late night rave affair has another epic musical expedition in place for us all to enjoy.

Tell us quickly about your events ‘Blueprint’ where and how it started, some of the artists you have worked with and whats coming up next?
Blueprint started a year after i moved to sydney to of all things to get away from partying and events! I ran events in the usa from 1997 which is where i began to dj after hitting the warehouse parties and Chicago house club scene, a good friend of mine named Slater Hogan sorted me some decks and gave me free reign of his record collection, Chicago house, Detroit techno and progressive house was the sound i loved it began to play out once i got my mixing locked in, 100s 0f events and 5 years went by so eventually i moved back to the uk, for the next 10 years doing events and playing clubs there and around Europe working with everyone from Steve Lawler, Sasha, Danny howells, Mandy, Hernan cateneo, trentemoller, Heidi and so on.
I was resident as the Custard factory and rainbow venues over that period but the music was turning and not a sound i wasnt into, plus i was sick of clouds and rain so moved to Australia!.
Australia has a great underground scene and its a friendly community, i naturally got involved into the scene and felt a huge passion again, located a warehouse and put on my first party, I was working for Funktion One Audio in Australia doing the festivals so wanted to incorporate that into the brand also as its the best!, i used a blueprint of the speaker for my logo and called it Blueprint also, its felt right 🙂

The first event sold out and had 450 people, we then continued doing warehouse partys, old office spaces in the city, clubs, outdoor venues and so on, x40 events later and mostly sell outs so thing are really going strong,

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Besides Blueprint where else are you playing in Sydney regularly ? Any clubs or events you want to give a shout out to and let our readers check out what they are doing?
Apart from a very busy blueprint schedule i play for S.A.S.H, Sydney’s best sunday party, its a weekly mecca and blown away how much it goes of every Sunday! I also play for the Burdekin, Sydney’s longest running underground club, fridays are we love (more techno) and saturdays- something else for more techy and deep. Laundry, Spice, zoo project, t-1000 and division are the others who keep the sydney scene alive throwing some amazing parties where im proud to play.

How has the Sydney lockouts affected you and your club nights and where do you see it heading in the next 12 months? Are you adapting your shows to suit the crazy new laws?
The Lockout has crippled so many venues but at the same time its made people think outside the box, we now have more day events and people just get to the club earlier or do events outside the lockout zone which can go to when ever.. so its not so bad, all created by blatant corruption, Sydney’s funded by casinos, they want people in and not in other areas of the city, so those dirty politicians created the lockout and blamed it on the fights in one area.

Your current top 5?
Matthias Meyer_Ostinato_Patlac Remix

Sabb_Illusiones Ft Rafa Barrios_Original Mix
Sante_M Train_Original Mix
Dario DAttis_My Tip_Original Mix
Alex Dolby_Giorgio Roma_Forever Mine_Original Mix

What was the first tune you ever purchased and how do you see it influencing what you are currently playing?
My first record purchase was Kate Bush- Running up that hill, such a powerful song with journey, ive always looked for melody and journey in all music i listen to and play, dj sets are a story..

Is this your first time DJing in Bali? what have you heard about the clubs and events here? How about Koh tell us what you know ahead of this weeks show?
I came to bali last sept for the first time for two weeks, i loved it and stayed a month. my friends Dane from the abercomrobie club and matt from sash sydney own it so i went down to say hi, i ended up tunning the funtkon one sound for them and playing two weekends in a row while here, they have since been asking for me to come back, so here i am! its a great venue where i can play my sound on great system hanging with my mates, dan and james will also be playing (koh ressys) i then head to single fin the next day to do a 5 hour set, playing funk, chill and deep stuff, which is something i like to do in beach type bar/ clubs when possible for a change 🙂

What else are you up to while in Bali outside of the entertainment industry?
This time i brought my girlfriend who’s not seen bali, so we are cruising around Ulluawtu, gillis and seminyak seeking monkeys, great food and beaches.

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How about elsewhere In Asia? You playing or played anywhere else and where is your bucketlist place to play if you get the chance in our surroundings?

Asia is an area im yet to explore and play, bali is the first, i would like to come back and do jenja, w hotel, potato head and i was told about dj club which goes till noon apparently, not sure what thats about but will go see. i also plan to get over to japan and thailand to to do some shows, WOMB is one id love to play and

Any production in recent times you can direct us to?
Couple of my tracks here, production os something ive not had much time to do but will be hitting the studio again here soon.

Also some online mixes?
Give us some old links to would be great to see your progress in sound

My sound cloud is here, you can here some old mixes from back in the uk to where i am now.

Last of all whats next for Ben Nott both in the industry and outside?
Next, im going to push Blueprint events in more venues, more regularly and in other cities, currently working on perth and Melbourne along with sydney, add a roster and do artist tours, av hire and install, dj where ever i can when free and make some more music as im sick of having tracks in my head, plus get over to the uk and spend some qt time with friends and family as I’ve not been back for 3 year, onwards and upwards, im 100% loving what i do more than ever but just need to keep the balance and not get to caught up in it all.


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