Sun Down Circles booking requst with Perth based DJ and producer Eleventeen Eston to play alongside José was a simple choice when it came to curating their next event, partly because it allowed them to continue the theme of giving another of Australia’s cool bright young things a chance to use the Beach Club as a platform. More importantly though Eleventeen Estons sound is also perfectly suited to José Padilla’s, with down tempo beats and eclectic sounds aplenty. Having released productions on the internationally renowned Manchester based Balearic label Aficianado as well as the UK based Ruf Kutz label and LA based Not Not Fun records Eleventeen Eston is definitely one not to miss at SDC #20. Check out the exclusive interview as Potato Head’s already legendary series hits 20.

First of all tell us where you are from and how you found your sound in that city?
Did your upbringing & environment play at part in how things sound in today current production and how do you describe your sound?
I’ve lived in Perth most of my life. A lot gets spoken about its isolation and whatever but i’m kinda bored by that idea/ it’s a tired cliche & I don’t think it means much any more relative to an artistic output.
You do allot of driving in Perth. Its current form has been likened by urban planners to the sprawl of LA. This car condition has something to do with my sound, so relative to an environmental effect in a music sense maybe allot of what I do tries to anticipate ‘the car’ & maybe exploring in general.

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How about the scene in your home city. How would you describe it right now and how have you seen it grow since touring and performing regularly?
The Perth scene is small, but its of world class quality. The best parties I’ve ever been to have been in Perth, hands down.
Right now its more vibrant than I can remember.
I can think of so many insanely great local artists & dj’s that are yet to be heard outside of Perth.
In the past this may have been hard to fight (I reached out to Not Not Fun in LA out of no local common ground) but new platforms have recently been established through labels (Good Company Records, Cosi Cosi, Pouring Dream), record stores (Good Company/Highgate Continental) & promoters that have enabled Perth to be included in an international conversation again.

What about your travels to other Australian cities. What you have you noticed thats similar at some of the shows you are playing? The crowds ? The venues? And what makes your home city unique?
I’ve only really played shows in Melbourne, & I guess the only thing I’ve noticed is that the crowds are more vacant maybe ? haha i dunno.
Perth is funny & unique in that because its small its rare to have more than one touring dj/act play the same night, so you’re going to see the same people out quite regularly all committing to doing the same thing. Thats what makes the parties so great, the familiar faces.

Is this your first time playing in Bali? What have you heard about the events here and in particular Potato Head Beach Club?
Yep. I’ve been watching the Sun Down Circle party line ups from Perth for a while now, & they have looked beaut! Almost flew up for the easter weekender last year.
When I heard Jonny Nash was getting behind the bookings I instantly took notice. A friend of mine & I were joking years ago that Indonesia would become the next Ibiza …


How about performing alongside Jose Padilla, is this your first time?
Yes !

Have you had the chance to enjoy any of legendary sets in the past?
Not in person but I’ve listened to many mixes.

What about Siren the other artist on the lineup for Sun Down Circle? What can you tell us about him when you need to name a couple of things that quickly come to mind?
I didn’t know much about him aside from the Metro Area connection, of which I’ve been a long time fan.

Whats your current top 5 B sides?
1. Stereo Dunnies by House of Dad
2. Endless Going by Long Body
3. Ideopathic Brain Modulations by Bejjer
4. Civic Guide by Albrecht La’brooy
5. Maniac (Instrumental) by Michael Sombrello 7” (33rpm)

How do you see your first 5 records you purchased reflect in your current 5 more obscure favourites?
There are only a handful of records which I bought along time ago that I could say I still engage with regularly. New Musik’s ‘Warp’ & the Soft Machine’s ‘Land of Cockayne’ were bought when I was about 17 & rarely leave my bag.
I constantly go back and forth to what I was listening to last week or last year etc, although my renewed interest in a Pete Heller remix of Fatboy Slim’s Song For Shelter 12” which I bought when I was 13 won’t last long.

Please tell us about your studio set up and how it all come together?
I’ve always set up shop in my bedroom, mostly because I’ve been living in share houses for ages. I have a modest collection of old synthesisers & drum machines & an old valve guitar cabinet that I use all the time. I ditched the idea of acquiring/fetishising studio gear ages ago in preference for making the most of what I have & forcing a type of limit or restriction.

Do you have some pictures can share with us?

Whats next for EE ?
Have spent the last month collating new work & hope to release the next LP very soon !


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