Dutch brothers Victor and Stephan Leicher are fast conquering the world of dance music as scintillating duo DubVision. With five Beatport Main Chart Top 10s, two Beatport Progressive House Chart #1s and a Beatport Electro Chart #1 to their name, they have marked themselves out as a serious force in the dance music scene. The duo have been conquering the world with their music for some time now. They’ve already gotten support from Hardwell, Tiësto, David Guetta and many more great artists. They’ve definitely proven that they’ve got what it takes to be a serious force in EDM.

First of all, Being brothers what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having your brother as your music partner?
The advantages are that we know each other really well. When we are in the studio we really compliment each other and we can bounce ideas off each other. If you are stuck on something and you are alone and you don’t know what to do, you always have the opinion of your team mate which is good. But it’s also different when you’re working with another artist and you don’t know each other that well. You are different artists at the end of the day so if you are a good artist you always work for your own interests. With us we have the same interests like making DubVision our brand and making it big. We have the same mindset because we are brothers and musically because we learned piano with the same teacher. We also have another middle brother who makes techno music. The disadvantages, I think all brothers argue with each other and get irritated easily, that happens sometimes.


Not on stage though right?
Sometimes. We’ve had moments where it’s like “no no don’t play that song” or “don’t touch that button,” but usually it works out really well.

Which one of you got into dance music first?
Victor: I got into dance music first. I started making music at a very young age and put all my attention towards making music. Steve started to hear the music that I was making and he liked it. We decided to team up and that is how we first got into dance music.

So you guys are brothers with an age gap of 8 years. Was music a typcial hobby that you shared? How did you start working together?
When we were younger, our parents made us play at least one instrument. We both played approximately 7 years, from classical to jazz and from blues to funk. At an early age, Victor started experimenting with electronic music, using all sorts of computer programs. It was all self education. After seeing him producing some good music, Stephan got interested and decided to team up. This was such a success that we started producing music on a daily basis. After a while we came up with the name: DubVision.

Do you feel you two would be in the industry if you weren’t with your brother?
Victor: No I don’t think so, that’s why we are doing it together as DubVision.
Stephan: I would definitely be here even alone! (laughing..) Just kidding, it is very nice to work with someone, giving feedback, sharing the moments on stage with your brother etc.

What were some of your biggest inspirations when you were first starting?
Victor: Well, in the beginning I used to be into trance so stuff like Tiësto and others, then I moved more towards techno, DJ’s like Carl Cox…and then I became a big fan of the Swedish House Mafia members. Especially Axwell back in the days, such high quality within his tracks, that was really inspiring. Eventually Axwell contacted us to remix Discopolis’ track “Commited To Sparkle Motion”. For us that was amazing! We just started and already one of our biggest idols contacted us.
Stephan: Yeah, Axwell definitely was our biggest inspiration, that was before Swedish House Mafia started playing our tracks, which gave us lot of energy and pushed us forward.


Weirdest or craziest thing that’s happened to you guys this year?

When we went to India it was really crazy because it was like we were Madonna or something. For us it was crazy because we had so many guards around us to keep people away. We had like ten guards keeping a circle, making a radius of ten meters around us. We even had people running up to the car – it was an awesome crazy.

Speaking of future music, within the scene as a whole, who is an up-and-coming artist that you have enjoyed seeing grow?
Victor: Tough question, I think we have known Blinders for a while, like when he was smaller, he was really good already and is still making a good stuff nowadays.
Stephan: For me it is Michael Brun with his label “Kid Coconut” along with Blinders as well.

If you had to describe the Dubvision sound in one word, what would it be right now?
We would call it “refreshing” right now, because we just introduced our new logo with new music. We’re aware of the fact that music is always changing, so we decided to change our style. We can’t wait to share new music and new show concepts with you!

Have you spun vinyl, if so, when was the first time you spun vinyl, if not, is it something you will consider in the future?
We have spun some vinyl in the past, but that’s been a while back! We’re in a completely different setting right now with the music we’re producing, but it might be something to consider in the future!

You guys are known for a more electro sound. What inspired you to branch out past your comfort zones and work with an artist like Dash Berlin?
We wanted to see if we could interest a different group of people with this sound. Its always interesting to see if your productions ‘work’ with a new crowd 🙂

Can we expect to hear anymore surprising collaborations in the upcoming months?
Yess definitely, but we can’t say anything about that. Just keep an eye out on our social platforms and you will be the first to know!

Logic or Ableton? Analog or digital stuff? What is necessary for a DubVision production and with what kind of tools would you like to work?
We use Ableton and a lot of third party plugins. Not that much analog stuff although we would love to expand our studio with some nice analog synths our compressors/eq’s etc. We use the standard VSTs like Sylenth, Massive etc but we are always on the lookout for new intresting plugins, be it fx or sytnhs.

Is there a typical method you start when working on a track or is it just starting to play with some VSTs and sharing some ideas and arguing about making it better?

It depends. Usually we start on finding melodies and our chord progressions. Then we work them out. But sometimes we start with a beat or a interesting sample that inspires us.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in the music business?
Victor: I would probably still do something with music if weren’t DJ’s today. I really enjoy making music, and I can’t imagine what my life would be like if we didn’t travel the world without music.
Stephan: i would still be an Architect. that what I’ve been studying for when i was younger. Its also about creating stuff and making people happy with your ideas.

And finally. To the thousands of people reading this wishing to follow in the mighty Dubvision’s footsteps…what is the best piece of advice you can offer to all of the aspiring producers out there…?
Never give up, keep on going. Learn to play a real instrument!


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