Venda is the alias of Sydney based artist, Dave Harman. A Sound engineer, Producer, DJ and Record collector, Dave has been quietly working away at his craft for the last 9 years. In 2014 he released his first EP on UK Label – Black Key Records. Made up of 3 raw & gritty deep house tracks. The next few years have been a ‘changing of the tide’ for Venda, focusing on his sound and evolving his taste to a more stripped down minimal approach that he finds himself most comfortable with today. His latest offering in 2016 is a 2 track ep out on Italian Label – Inwave Imprint.

Over the years as his taste and style has matured, Dave has been called upon to play alongside DJ’s such as Nima Gorji, Martinez, Daze Maxim, Yone-Ko & Rebekah AFF and the Fuse London guys. He has also had his music played around the world by the likes of Dubtil, Archie Hamilton, Nima Gorji and many more.
With plenty of unreleased music up his sleeve and another release due out before the end of the year, Venda is proving he is very much part of the next wave of artist’s to keep a close eye on!

Is this your first time to Bali to perform?
I’ve been living here on the island for the last few months, so I’m really happy to be spending my last weekend here playing at Koh!

How about Koh, you must be hearing some great stuff about the club with each week it just getting more reputation as the islands late night techno bunker?
It’s the best underground club here in Bali. The people, the sound-system and those big industrial fans are a recipe for success.

How about at home, where are you from exactly and how is the club and event industry going there right now? Which are your favourite clubs to play at right now?
I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’d have to say the scene there right now is in a really good place. Lots of great parties with some really passionate people running them. The guys from the Mantra Collective, S.A.S.H and Subsonic are running some of my favourite parties.

Venda – how did you come up with your stage name? It sounds like it suits your music style really well.
It’s a name I picked many years ago when I started making music and wanted a title to represent my work. I was using alot of tribal samples in my tracks at the time and the “Venda” were a tribe in South Africa that I found really fascinating. So the name started from there.

Your current top 5.
Julia Govor – Open Possibility
Suciu – Ceva Din Altceva
Topper – MPX
LIZZ – Memory Soul
IO (Mulen) – Open Mind

How about your latest track in your set? How did you find it?
The last record I bought was Julia Govor’s latest on Bodyparts. I love how hypnotic the original is. She does a really great job of creating music you can get lost in. I’m really inspired by this! And there’s a Ricardo Villalobos remix on the B side. What more could you ask for?

Any plans for some new production we can check out online and share with our audience?
I have a new EP out on Italian label – Inwave Imprint. You can check that out along with some of my other stuff at:

Whats next for Venda?
I have more music coming out later this year on one of my favorite record labels which I’m really excited about! More details to come soon…


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